Wreck it! Paper Science Experiments is a free download containing 6 easy science experiments using mostly just the paper they are printed on! Simply print, experiment and then recycle the leftovers.

The activities are mess free ( apart from one ) with easy to follow instructions.

Paper science eBook
Wreck it! Paper Science Experiments
wreck it! Paper science experiments
Paper science experiments

1. Paper Spinners

Use the template to make 3 paper spinners. Attach a paperclip to the ends of each one and drop from different heights or add extra weight to see how that affects the speed they fall.

paper spinner template

2. Magic Opening Flowers

Cut out the flower and fold up the petals. Place the folded flower in a little water and watch as the petals spring open. This clever science trick works because paper is made up of fibres which expand as they absorb water.

You can read the full explanation of flowers opening in water here.

Flower opening experiment

3. Shadow Puppets

Cut out the hand shape and make creepy shadows on a wall! You’ll need a torch or light source for this one. Try moving the torch towards the shadow puppet and then further away to investigate what happens to the shadow.

shadow hand puppet
Shadow hand puppet

4. How Strong?

Discover which shape column can hold the most weight with this easy science activity. The download contains templates for creating each shape making this paper strength investigation even easier!

how strong is paper experiment

5. Liquid Races

Use the paper to make a ramp and race your three favourite sauces! This viscosity race is always fun and can be done on a large scale as well as this mini version.

6. Water Drop Maze

Use your skills to move water around the maze. Do other liquids work better? Either draw your own maze or use this one!

Water drop maze free printable
Water drop maze free printable

Recycle the paper once you’re done! Does science at home get any easier than this?

Let me know how you get one with my Wreck it! Paper Science Experiments!!

Recycle the leftovers
paper science experiments

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