How many times have you dropped a piece of toast and found it landed butter side down, leaving a smear of butter on the floor?

Is it just bad luck or is there a reason the toast lands that way?

Buttered toast lying on the floor as part of a 'why does toast land butter side down' experiment

Why does toast land butter side down?

One theory as to why toast lands butter side down is that the toast drops at an angle from the counter or your hands and only has time to rotate half a turn before landing, meaning it lands upside down from it’s starting point!!


One way to test the theory is to drop three pieces of toast and watch what happens ( place a clean mat on the floor so you can still eat the toast).

Try dropping the toast from higher up, this should change the results as the toast has further to rotate.

Experiment with different thickness and types of bread.

Toats butter side up experiment

This activity is taken from Snackable Science which contains SIXTY fun and easy edible experiments and investigation you can eat!

Snackable Science - Ktichen Science book for kids full of edible experiments
Why does toast land butter side down

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