We’re all a bit dinosaur crazy in our house at the moment and like most small children Charlie is fascinated by poop. He loved the idea of making poop for his toy dinosaurs while the older children put a lot of thought into how and why different dinosaurs might have different poop.

Dinosaurs had to eat hundreds of pounds of plants or flesh each day so you can imagine back the there was a lot of poop around. Dinosaur faeces were a source of food for smaller animals and bacteria and helped keep the vegetation lush and green by adding nutrients back to the soil.

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Dinosaur Poop Recipe

You’ll need brown play dough or salt dough for the poo.

Leaves and/or seeds for the herbivore poo

Salt dough bones for the carnivore poo.

We made ours like play dough using this play dough recipe from The Imagination Tree.

boy with dinosaur poop

If you want to bake the poo to demonstrate fossilised poo ( coprolite ) you need to make it more like salt dough.

Easy Salt Dough recipe

1 cup of plain flour

1/2 a cup of salt

1/2 cup warm water

Brown food colouring

Simply mix all the ingredients together to make a smooth dough you can mould into shapes. We made dinosaur bones ( salt dough with no food colouring ) to add to our carnivore play dough poo.

when you’re ready to bake the salt dough, place in an oven at 150 degrees for about 2 hours or until hard.


Herbivore dinosaurs ate plants and seeds. Examples of herbivore dinosaurs are Triceratops, Apatosaurs, Ankylosaurus and Maiasaura.

We added leaves to our herbivore poop.

Herbivore dinosaur poop


Dinosaurs that ate meat are called carnivores. Examples of carnivores are Herrerasaurus, T- Rex and Utahraptor.

We added salt dough bones to our carnivore poop.

Carnivore dinosaur poop


Dinosaurs that ate plants and meat are called omnivores. An examples of an omnivore is the Oviraptor which ate small plants, eggs and insects.


Dinosaurs that ate fish are called piscivores. An example of a piscivore is the Plesiosaur which ate fish.

Famous Fossil Collector

Mary Anning discovered fossilised dinosaur poo in Dorset. She could tell where the dinosaurs lived and what they ate from studying the coprolites.

Do Coprolites smell?

They don’t! Over time the organic matter is replaced by mineral deposits. It’s actually quite hard to tell a coprolite from from a rock. Coprolites are actually very rare as usually animal faeces decay rapidly.

Apatosaurus dinosaur poop

More Dinosaur Poop Ideas

Make a game where friends have to match the poo to the dinosaur. Change the things found in the poo and the size of the poo.

Playdough Dinosaur Poop - discover what dinosaurs ate with this fun activity making dinosaur poo! #dinosaurs #dinosaurpoo #playdough

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