Start the day

Before 9am

Time to start a great day

Let the Day Shine and start your day

Think about something Fun that you did yesterday!
Get dressed.
Brush teeth.
Eat breakfast.
Review your plan for the day with family.
Quiet time.


9am – 10am

Now is the STEM Time

Math Games for Kids

Find an object of your favorite shape and size in the house
Check out these amazing math activities that will help your math skills grow. link is here:

Science Activities for Kids

Do fun science activities to make your day scien-tific
Take a peek at these fun and cool science activities. link is here:


10am – 11am

Lets work on creativity

Music Learning Website to Kids during Summer

Do you have some fun music that you could play? Lets do it now!
You could pick one from []

Summer Drawing Activity for Kids

Use some time to let your creativity fly and draw some nice things!
Need inspiration? You could pick some things to draw from this:

Let’s get moving

11am – 12pm

Time to move & groove!

Indoor Exercises for Kids during Summer

Let’s do 8 different types of stretches. Share what stretches you did with a family member
Take a peek at these cool exercises to do indoors! They are super fun to do and they bring indoor-exercises-for-kids heart rate up as well!! Check these exercises here:

Dance Activities for Kids During Summer

Let’s Dance!! Let’s create 3 new dance moves!! Once you are done, show it to your family member or friend.
Dance on your favorite song or recreate some of the dances at HERE

Lunch and Chores

12pm – 1pm

Lets have some Lunch and Chores

Take a breather, have a fun lunch and perform some chores

After lunch,
wipe down kitchen table and chairs,
countertops and desks.
Wipe all door handles and light switches.
Water plants.
Wash hands.

Quiet Time

1pm – 2:30pm

Let us have some quiet time

Puzzles for Kids

Take some time to enjoy some of your favourite puzzles
You could find some more puzzles at

Summer Writing Activities for Kids

Take some time to write a story, and let your creativity flow.
Here are some fun writing activities to do! You could find them at


2:30pm – 4pm

Now is the STEM Time

STEM Activities for Kids during Summer

Let’s do fun STEM activities and show what you did and what’s behind it.
Choose some stem activities listed here:

Summer Astronomy Activities for Kids

Take some time to learn more about something in space or universe. Research 3 things about that topic and share with family
Check out these cool astronomy activities placed here:


4pm – 5pm

Lets have some activity time

Virtual Tours for Kids

Take a tour of your neighborhood. Look around at other houses outside and imagine how it would look in side their house.
Take some time to see cool virtual tours here:

Discovery for Kids during Summer

Take some time to go outside and observe something you didn’t observe before.
Check out these blogs that can teach you MANY new things! Here is where you will go:

Family Time

After 5pm

Lets have some family time

Family Time

You did it!
What a good day.
Enjoy dinner and baths and time with family.
Reflect on what you learned together throughout the day.
Write one thing that made you happy today.