Wenzhuo Paint & Plant Flower Growing kit-Planter,Soil-Kids Gardeing kit Toys,DIY STEM Arts & Crafts Project Activity,Unique Science and Garden Gift for Girls & Boys Age 4+

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Color: Flowers
Model: 140350
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Brand: Wenzhuo


  • Garden planting kit includes: tin planter (12 * 4.5 * 4 inches), 3 different planting tools, 4 wooden plant markers, 2 soils, 4 different seed packs, 2 boxes of 6-color pigments, 2 sizes Different brushes, paint palettes, water bottles, beautiful instructions and gift boxes, etc., can meet children’s various needs for Planting Growing Kit.
  • Good quality: The flowerpot of the planting kit is made of strong and light aluminum material, which is easy to paint on and easy to clean. It is convenient for relocation, and there is no risk of breaking the flowerpot as the plant grows up over time. Kids Flower DIY Planting Growing Kit, including non-toxic materials, conforms to ASTM D-4236, and it has no rivals in terms of quality.
  • Gardening gifts: children will be very happy when they get the planting kit. There are all kinds of tools in the gift box that can meet their needs for planting. They will work with their partners to dress the flowerpot with their own clothes, design the angle in the yard to plant Zinnia, wheatgrass and cosmos, observe and take care of the plant kit, and record their growth and changes, Learn more about plants. Please buy as soon as possible to help your children realize their wishes!
  • Let it release your child’s natureIn the: Kind flower diy planting growing kit, children can take the initiative to create their ideal plant garden, fully mobilize their creativity and imagination, and make their garden infinitely beautiful. Through this activity, children will have a systematic and brand-new understanding of the entire plant growth process of painting, planting, cultivating soil, watering, growing, and flowering, and cultivate an interest in natural science!
  • Children flower DIY planting growing kit has a very beautiful gift box, light weight, easy to carry, easy to operate, suitable for children aged 4-12, is a good choice for children’s gifts. And we have a good service guarantee, we ship from the U.S. FBA, enjoy a full refund within 30 days and other services. What are you waiting for? Let your stem plant growing gardening kit bring infinite surprise to children!

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