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Game introduction


The game is set in the wonderful Universe of Mysthea which includes many of Tabula Games titles: Mysthea, Icaion, Mysthea: the Fall and Volfyirion. The events of Volfyirion Guilds take place immediately after the previous title: Volfyirion; and about sixty years before the events of Mysthea. The story revolves around 5 major Guilds, created by the king of Mysthea in order to stop the rise of Volarees house and assigned with different political functions. With time, this system brought to a silent and stealthy war for power among the guilds.


The Game

Volfyirion Guilds is a standalone competitive, fast-paced deck-building card game, for 2 players.

In the game, two players, each representing a guild, fight for supremacy. The winning condition is destroying all the 3 opponent’s cities before it does the same. In order to do so, you could use different tactics like attacking directly with your troops, or focusing on deck thinning, or trying to activate a powerful combo. You could also tame Volfyirion and unleash the dragon against your opponent’s cities. The game is intense and highly strategic, with a lot of replayability. On average, a match lasts about 20-40 minutes.


Volfyirion Guilds retains all the mechanics of the base game and, at the same time, adds more depth to the gameplay, thanks to 110 new cards, including new card types, abilities, and mechanics.

Core Mechanics

The engine of the game is a system of points: every card, if played, provides a combination of points. Spending those points permits the players to perform actions during their turns. There are 3 types of points: command, wonder and knowledge, each of which allows different actions. Players’ starting hands are symmetrical but then it is possible to refine the deck according to one’s strategy, replacing cards you don’t need. Lastly, cards, thanks to a system of colors, offer synergies, that can trigger powerful combos, which could unleash powerful chain effects.

New Mechanics

In addition there will be two new card types,  Agents and Vaults, that introduce totally new mechanics, Agents carry out delicate tasks for the guilds. They come into play to grant an alternative way to acquire cards, reducing the randomness of the deckbuilding and improving the management of the turn. Vaults are the most important areas of Guilds’ command centers, as they contain all their secrets and valuables. From one side they help to remove the whims in seeking the conditions to trigger a specific combo, on the other hand they enhance the strategies and choices of the player. But beware this comes with a cost as the vault abilities are unlocked when their owner loses a city. This helps the player who is at a disadvantage to catch up the runaway leader, keeping the match balanced till the end.

Extra Rules

Volfyirion Guilds is a standalone game but can be also combined with the classic Volfyirion. Of course this changes the game, having more cards in play and the fun too. As in the previous chapter, Solo mode will be available too, but this time it is totally renewed. Now it is possible to face not only Volfyirion, but also other  Mysthea world epic creatures. And for each of them Tabula Games designed specific features, tarot cards and rules. Also, more modes and surprises will be available during the Kickstarter campaign.

The Dragon Miniature

During the Volfyirion Guilds campaign, backers really loved the stunning 120mm miniature of the dragon. Therefore Tabula Games decided that the miniature will be available in this campaign too. Since this dragon mini was so requested, it will be available as a pledge to everyone, even to those who are not interested in the card game. The miniature can be played in many of our games: Mysthea and Mysthea: the Fall, Volfyirion and Volfyirion Guilds.

Key Features


Fast & Fast-Paced

A match is quite fast, as it lasts about 20-40 minutes (but the more you play, the more this time goes down) and always very intense with no dead time, as each turn players can take lots of action and decisions.

Easy to learn, Hard to Master

Learning the game rules and setting up the game are operations that require a little time. However, despite a quite low level of complexity, the game is highly strategic and every choice has a significant impact.

High Replayability, Low Repetitiveness

Each game is different and the replayability is high.
Players’ starting hands are always symmetrical, while the starting set up cards have a random component. Moreover, you can choose to play the same cards in many different ways, as there are various synergies between them and several paths that lead to victory.

New Features

Basically this game increases the depth of an already well-liked game adding a whole set of new cards, abilities, and mechanics.

Tons of Alternatives

  1. You can play Volfyirion Guilds as a standalone
  2. You can combine it with the classic Volfyirion, thus having a different gameplay
  3. Solo mode is available
  4. Additional contents and extra rules are going to be released during the Kickstarter campaign
  5. Additional rulesheet in the dragon miniature box

Original Universe with Unique Art

Tabula Games has created a brand new world with unique peculiarities, an atmosphere to dive in through the stunning illustrations of every card.

Travis Anderson, our artist, has managed to realise something astonishing, charming and at the same time fresh! Moreover, Tabula Games added a team of other 4 illustrators to support Travis in the task. One of them is Andrea Butera, the more appreciated artist of  Sanctuary: the Keepers Era

The complete collection of illustrations will be available in the Volfyirion Guilds Artbook.

Very Low Base Pledge Price

Great quality/price ratio, with the base game costing only 14€ and including all 110 cards + rulebook + Volfyirion Token + 4 Tarots for solo mode.

Portable Box

The game box will include a tray to provide separate spaces for the main deck, the additional cards and the iconic dragon meeple. Unlike the first card game of this series, the box for Volfyirion Guilds will be horizontally oriented and made of a thicker material. The size is always portable, easy to bring along or to fit on a fully loaded shelf.

Amazing Kickstarter Edition

A deluxe collector’s box will be available too, containing the base game, the old Volfyirion, additional content and extra rules are going to be released during the Kickstarter campaign. It is designed to make players immerse in the atmosphere of the game from the first sight and solve any functional requirements for sleeve spaces, playmats, support tokens and quality components.

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