I originally created these science experiments for parents at home with children during lockdown 2020, but they work well as science activities for home or school at any time of year.

The idea behind Tray a Day is that everything you need for the activity fits in a tray, so it’s easy to set up and easy to tidy away.

science at home experiment - paper spinners - easy science for home and school

Each one uses materials you probably already have at home ( mostly paper and cardboard ) and should be easily enough for older children to do with just a little supervision or younger children to do with adult help.

Tray a Day – Easy science for home and school

Click the highlighted text to see full instructions for each eactivity.

Dissect a flower
Dissect a flower

Dissect a flower to learn about its parts.

Make it float

Make a ball that sinks float!

Draw your body

Draw around yourself and add in body parts.

Edible life cycle

Create an edible butterfly life cycle.

Viscosity Race

Race different liquids down a ramp.

Make a stethoscope

Make a stethoscope with a cardboard tube and funnel.

Everything you need to make oobleck

Make slimy oobleck with cornflour.

Eeverything you need to build bridges
Build bridges

Build and test paper bridges.

Straw Shooters

Design and build straw shooters.

Save the superhero

Create something to allow a toy superhero to float in water.

strong shapes activity
Strong Shapes

Test to see which shapes are the strongest.

Save the dinosaur science activity for kids
Save the dinosaur

Cover dinosaur drawings with different materials to find out which are the most waterproof.

MArble run at home science activity
Make a marble run

Use recycled materials to make a marble run.

Balloon car science activity
Balloon Car

Build and test a balloon car.

Chain Reaction

Create chain reactions!

reaction time
Calculate reaction time

Calculate your reaction time using a ruler.

cardboard launcher
Cardboard launcher

Make a launcher using two cardboard tubes and a pencil.

Paper spinners
Paper Spinners

Make different sized paper spinners and time how long it takes them to fall to the ground.

paper sculpture science at home activity
Cardboard sculptures

Build a sculpture with just cardboard

Racing Lolly sticks
Racing Lolly Sticks

Learn about surface tension with these racing lollysticks.

Make a Sundial

Did you know you can make a sundial in your garden with just a straw and paper.

Ice fishing

Freeze fish in ice and time how long they take to melt in different temperature water.

optical illusion science at home
Optical illusion

Make an easy optical illusion.

More Easy Science for Home and School

If the Tray a Day science activities aren’t quite what you’re looking for then how about one of my easy science fair projects?

Awesome Science Fair Prjects

I’ve also got a huge and ever growing list of downloadable science experiments you might like. Just scroll through, choose one you like the look of, print and go!

Free Science Printable sheets

Another idea is to find an answer to a fun science question, do you know why the sky is blue or why we have leap years?

If you have small children these easy non-messy science experiments are perfect for little ones!

I also have some science books available if you’re still looking for more inspiration.

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Tray a Day  - easy science experiments for home and school. Uses only simple materials that fit in a tray!

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