As we head into a cold January I thought it might be fun to try some fun winter science experiments for kids. These are great for kids of all ages, although some need adult supervision and guidance.

If winter isn’t quite what you’re looking for we’ve got 100s more creative science experiments for kids to try.

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The Best Winter Science Experiments for kids of all ages

These snowman luminaries from Happy Hooligans are super cute. Try covering them with different materials to see which lets through the most light.

Try some ice fishing with small fish trapped in ice. Drop the fish in hot and cold water to see which melts the ice and saves the fish first.

How about some painting on ice? If it’s very cold outside you could leave water in a tray outside to freeze overnight and then paint on fresh ice in the morning.

paint on a sheet of ice - fun preschool activity for kids.

We love these pretty ice decorations. Is it cold enough where you are for them to freeze outside overnight? Remember to place the string inside the mould before the water freezes. If there’s a cold snap due, a tree decorated with lots of these would look fantastic.

Fun icy decorations to hang outside.

Find out how polar animals stay warm in this fun hands on science experiment.

How about making some sensory snow? We have three great recipes for you. Experiment to discover which is the stickiest and which the most like real snow.

pretend snow - use cornflour and water to make pretend snow
Pretend Sensory Snow

Play with ice in a balloon. This activity is very simple and fun for even very little children. You could even make the balloon into a snake like we did.

Make your own marshmallow Olaf with marshmallows and test how strong he is. This would be a great party game, party favour or even a make your own dessert!

Make a marshmallow Olaf - science experiment for kids

This arctic slime looks fantastic from Little Bins for Little Hands.


In The Playroom has a lovely snowflake symmetry activity.

This arctic small world set is super cute from The Imagination Tree.

Move wire through ice. A grown up might have to help with this one, and you don’t have to use a large a piece as we did.

If you’re lucky enough to have some snow, how about making a snow volcano? We love making these in lots of different colours.

Baking soda Volcano made from snow

Find out how to make frost. This one is always very popular in our house, watch as the frost appears on the side on the can.

Make frosh using a tin can, ice and salt

 If you fancy getting out and about, these fun ideas for things to do with sticks and leaves will keep kids of all ages busy.

You could investigate how to get a toy car to move across a sheet of ice. How do you think you could stop the car slipping?

If you want to introduce kids to the concept of climate change and melting ice caps, this melting polar ice caps activity is a good way to get the point across.

Melting Polar Ice Caps activity

Learn about the summer and winter solstice with our simple explanation.

Teach children about the North Star and constellations using glow in the dark paint and black card.

Do you have any other winter science experiment ideas for us?

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