Halloween will be here before we know it, so to celebrate I’ve put together a collection of my Top 10 Science Experiments for Halloween. There’s a spooky lava lamp, creepy shadow puppets, fizzy witch and wizard potions and even a noise making machine!

Print off the list below and tick each science activity off as you go along. Which will you try first?

Top 10 Science Activities for Halloween

1. Spooky Lava Lamp

Lave lamps also feature in my Top 10 Science Experiments Every Child Should Try at Least Once. They are super easy to set up and can be used over and over again.

These pumpkin lava lamps always make me smile and would be great for an unusual window decoration this year!

lava lamps for halloween - part of a top 10 science experiments for Halloween collection

2. Creepy Shadow Puppets

These shadow puppets are another very easy activity and can be made fun for older children by adding coloured cellophane for extra effect.

Bat shadow Puppet made with card and a lolly stick

3. Witchy Potions

This collection of fizzy and slimy potions are great for this time of year and perfect for little witches and wizards. Who doesn’t love a fizzy potion?

Fairy Potion Ingredients

4. Scary Giant Sweets

Place leftover Halloween candy jelly sweets in clean water and watch them expand over a few hours as they absorb the water.

Image taken from Gross Science

5. Bug Filled Ice

Ice excavations are easy and inexpensive to set up. Younger children usually enjoy dripping warm water over the top to melt the ice while older children can try adding salt ( take care, this can make the ice extra cold ) and investigate how the salt speeds up the melting process.

bug filled ice

7. Erupting Pumpkins

You’ve probably made an erupting volcano before, but a pumpkin ( once you’ve scooped out the delicious insides ) can be erupted too!

8. Ghostly Optical Illusions

These are actually pumpkin illusions but a ghost would look great too!

Easy Halloween optical illusion craft

9. Nasty Noise Maker

All you need to make spooky noises is a plastic cup, ribbon and a paperclip!

spooky noise maker - number 9 of my Top 10 Science Experiments for Halloween

10. Magic Mirror Writing

Write creepy messages backwards using a mirror to help!

Easy mirror writing

Which of my Top 10 Science Experiments for Halloween is your favourite!

More Halloween ideas for kids

If you’re looking to make Halloween 2020 a bit different, Red Ted Art has some fantastic Halloween social distancing ideas you might like!

My brand new book is perfect for Halloween and is available to preorder now! Gross Science is jam packed full of icky, sticky and slimy science for kids! Make jelly scabs, fake poo, a blood cocktail and lots more!

Gross Science book for kids

If you’d rather something more autumnal you might like my easy Autumn STEM Challenges too!

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