Last summer we held our very own garden science camp. It was brilliant fun and we all learned a lot! It was a great way to spend time together away from screens and just generally work as a team to solve problems.

If your children love science, I’d definitely recommend trying a DIY science camp this summer, we’ll be doing it again, although maybe on a slightly smaller scale.

I’ve pulled together a list of 15 science experiments we really enjoyed, but if any don’t take your fancy have a look at our other science projects for more ideas.

I’ve also got lots of easy ideas for science at home, with FREE printable instructions, so do check those out too!

DIY Science Camp - set up your very own garden science camp this summer. Make giant bubbles, set up a viscosity race, make water powered bottle rockets and lots more science camp fun! #sciencecamp #summerscience #scienceforkids

Science Camp Week 1

Day 1 – Giant Bubbles

This is a great activity for kids of all ages as older children can experiment to find the perfect bubble mix of water, dish soap ( washing up liquid ), glycerine and cornflour for making extra large bubbles.

This bubble recipe on Red Ted Art is a great starting point!

giant bubble wand - science for kids

Day 2 – Heart Rate Investigation

Investigate the effect of exercise on heart rate in this fun science experiment. Children can also make their own super simple stethoscope, to listen to a friend’s heart.

Day 3 – Colour Changing Flowers

This simple summer science experiment works in just a few hours and is a great way to demonstrate the transport of water in plants.

Transpiration flower - plant science for kids

Day 4 – Fizzy Science

Everyone loves a fizzy baking soda experiment. I just love playing with baking soda and vinegar as it’s such a visual experience for children and can be themed in lots of different ways. These witchy potions are great for Halloween, but perhaps for a summer camp fairy potions might work .better?

Fairy Potion Ingredients

Day 5 – Giant Viscosity Race

This large scale viscosity race is great fun. Children test the viscosity of different liquids by racing them down a giant ramp. As an extension activity children can even make their own cardboard ramp, but remember it’ll need to be waterproof!

Viscosity experiment - science for kids

Science Camp Week 2

Day 6 – Make your own slushy drinks

There are two ways to do this one, for younger children you can freeze fruit juice into ice cubes trays and let them leave the cubes in different places to see where they melt the fastest. Once the ice starts to melt children can then use a spoon to make it into a slushy drink.

For older children use the salt and ice trick to make the slushy drinks.

Slushy drink

Day 7 – Make a Red Cabbage Indicator

Did you know you can make a pH indictor using red cabbage? Once kids have made the indicator they can test difference ( safe ) substances to see how they change colour. Baby wipes are a fun thing to test as well, try a water based and non water based wipe.

How to make a red cabbage indicator

Day 8 – Surface Tension Experiments

Try a magic milk experiment, race lolly sticks and lots more surface tension activities.

magic milk experiment

Day 9 – Make a Mini Water Cycle

Learn about the water cycle with this easy mini water cycle model. Children could even make a mini plastic bag water cycle to take home.

water cycle in a bag

Day 10 – Skittles Experiment

Make a rainbow on a plate with this colourful skittles experiment.

Skittles Experiment - skittles in water

Science Camp – Week 3

Day 11 – Candy Chromatography

Sticking with the candy theme, this candy chromatography experiment is great fun and super easy. All you need is some filter paper, paper clips, a container, water and colourful candies.

Day 12  – Make a Magnet Maze

Magnet mazes are great fun and a cool way to learn about magnetism. These can also be easily themed. Children could use their favourite characters from a book or TV show.

Day 13 – Rockets

You can’t have science camp without rockets! Film canister rockets are nice and easy but great fun to watch and a water powered bottle rocket would be a fantastic way to end science camp with a bang!

How to make a Bottle Rocket

Day 14 – Zip Lines

Homemade zip lines keep kids busy for hours. Children could make a zip line for a favourite teddy or theme it. We once made a zip line for Jack to escape the giant, but this would also work for helping Rapunzel escape from her tower.

Day 15 – Candy House

Create a candy house for Hansel and Gretal or a new house for the three little pigs. My children just loved this activity. We started the day shopping for sweets that we thought would be good for the task and searching for sticky substances to stick everything together.

Candy House - house made from sweets

More Science Camp Experiments

Oobleck on a giant scale is always fantastic fun, especially if you can walk on it!

Fantastic Fun and Learning has some brilliant homemade sprinkler ideas to try.

I’ve also got some fun science books you might like!

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Three weeks of science fun with these easy summer science experiments for kids of all ages. Set up a backyard science camp #scienceforkids #funscience #summercamp

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