The Gorgon’s Loch – Save your Souls, Defeat the Gorgon Queen
Publisher: Fantastic Books Gaming
Designer: Dan Grubb
Number of Players: 1-5
Ages: 8+
Time: 60-90 Minutes

The Gorgon’s Loch is a fun, quickstart, easy-to-learn, hard-to-master, dungeon adventure board game for the whole family.

 Key points about the game;
– It can be played solo, or with up to 5 players (6 including an optional dungeon master).
– Dungeons take between 60-90 minutes to complete.
– A well designed DIDO (drop in drop out) mechanic allows for uninterrupted game nights.
– 5 pre-generated characters allow for a very quick start, though each character has a specialist skill that makes them very different.

The Gorgon’s Loch will be live on KICKSTARTER until Sat, January 30 2021 12:00 PM PST, and has a funding goal of $21,285.
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Originally posted at Everything Board Games