Homemade Water Walls are a great fun summer activity, we usually make one at the start of summer and leave it in place for as long as it survives.

Our DIY water walls are great fun and easy to set up with just a few supplies.

Why Build a DIY Water Wall?

Water walls are great for teaching kids about gravity and how water flows. Charlie ( age 2 ) has already worked out that water will only flow up a pipe if there’s enough to push it through or if someone blows down the end!

More importantly water walls are just great fun. My children have spent hours pouring, scooping and recycling water through the pipes.

We used a blue metal frame from TTS for this one with TTS play hoses and funnels.

What you need to build a water wall?





Empty Milk Cartons


Cable ties – handy for attaching tubes and funnels.

How to build a DIY water wall

Once you have a frame to build your water wall on ( this could be a fence, crates as we used below, or even a trellis ) the rest is up to you. Just attach pipes, funnels and containers so the water can flow through. It’s a good idea to have something at the bottom to catch the water so it can be recycled through the water wall.

DIY Water Wall made using crates

This is a very simple water wall we made using cable ties and a trellis.

DIY Water Wall on a trellis - summer science for kids

Below is another example of a water wall we made using the metal frame from TTS. I used elastic bands to attach the milk bottles.

Water wall made on a frame with milk cartons

Colour Mixing DIY Water Wall

This colour mixing water wall is one we made many, many years ago. First the yellow and blue water mixes as it drops into the bottle underneath, then the half plastic bottle under that can either tip into a container to collect or drop onto the person below!

Homemade Water Wall - summer science for kids

Benefits of a backyard DIY water wall

Encouraging outdoor play

Improves hand eye coordination

Endless creative opportunites

Encourage team work

Discover how and why water flows

More Easy Science for Kids

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Homemade Water Wall - cool outdoor science for kids #waterwall #scienceforkids #outdoorscience #toddelractivities Easy DIY Water Wall

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