Strategy-Based Board Game for Kids – StrateShapes – Fun Family Game of Logic & Chance – Perfect for Game Night – 2-4 Players Aged 10+ – Make Your Pattern First to Win – STEM Learning Game

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Color: Blue
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  • Fun and Addictive Gameplay – Take a playing card, keep it hidden, then race to be the first to replicate the pattern of shapes on your card across a 9-square game board. Watch out for opponents blocking your progress… can you block them too? It’s a battle to occupy your place on the game board and make your pattern first.
  • Great Skill-Builder: this is a perfect board game to test and flex your visual perception, forward thinking and planning. Learning the basic rules is quick, but you’ll only maximise the fun once you master the strategic gameplay. Quick thinkers and adaptive players will be in their element… the harder you make StrateShapes, the better it gets.
  • Entertainment on the Go – if you’re a lover of puzzles, this shapes game will give you a quick burst of puzzling fun no matter where you are. The travel-sized board and bag mean you can take the game anywhere! Entertain yourselves for five minutes or an hour! Puzzling at its best!
  • Screen-Free Family Fun for All Ages – This smart game is ideally suited for family game night with kids aged 10+. It’s just as good for teens and big kids too! The harder you make it, the more fun you’ll have! 2-4 Players Can Battle It Out. This original Logic Board Game includes 60 cards with 120 patterns plus 36 playing pieces
  • Quick & Easy Start: Check out the video tutorial in the image gallery to get started, with further video tutorials accessible from the game pack. No boring set-up… you’ll be battling away in minutes. Then take your time perfecting your strategies to really master the game!

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