We all love movies. From grandparents to kids, everyone enjoys them. And how lovely would it be to watch movies which are not only entertaining but also deliver strong educational and positive messages!  With STEM education gaining precedence over everything else, why not use the magic of movies to educate and inspire kids in STEM? Here is our selection of STEM movies for Kids, you all will enjoy watching and get inspired.

STEM Movies for Kids

  1. Flubber: The old time classic, we all grew up watching this great movie. With Robin Williams tickling the funny bone and providing a wholesome STEM entertainment, this one is our first choice.
  2. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: Who wouldn’t fall for this one? Exciting and exhilarating, this movie sparks imaginative thinking. Your kids will adore the father cum inventor cum toymaker and watch this movie on repeat. Be prepared for some pretty unique, crazy STEM ideas!
  3. Big Hero 6: This is a story about a self-made superhero and his inventions. Now, who does not love superheroes? And specially when their super power is invention! This is must watch to inspire kids.
  4. Hidden Figures: This is our personal favourite and one of the few movies with female protagonists. Inspired by true events, it is a great STEM movie for kids about women of colour, their fight against racism and their contributions to America’s Space missions. A must watch for every boy & girl…Highly recommended!
  5. Moneyball: We love this movie and how it teaches the application of concepts in real world, how knowledge never goes waste and how math can change a game baseball. Inspired by a true story, you and your kids are going to love this movie. Suited for older audience.movies for kids
  6. Robots: For all your kids obsessed with robots, this is the perfect STEM Movie for Kids. Besides love for inventions, this movie will inspire your children to persist and persevere. Well suited for younger audience as well.
  7. The LEGO Movie: This is one movie that will appeal to children across all ages. Just the way you can be assured of the fun and learning with Lego, this movie too does not disappoint. Important lessons on team work and creativity here.
  8. Lorax: For all the Dr. Suess fans, this is a must watch! It beautifully conveys the message of preserving our environment in a child friendly manner. Funny and light, this movie will surely delight your kids and the entire family.
  9. Born in China: Another movie to probe Earth and Life sciences, Born in China explores animals and their babies in Chinese Mainland. Be prepared for lots of cute, adorable animals and their wonderful habitats.
  10. Wall-E: This movie dwells on the human impact on environment and how human actions are destructing our planet. Tale of a Robot, who is the only one left on the planet after humans have migrated, Wall-E is sure to ignite deep thoughts about future possibilities.


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