We’ve got some fantastic space experiments to share today ready for World Space Week 2020, do you have any space science plans yet?

Space themed experiments are one of my favourite themes for science at home and school. There’s so much to explore. Rockets, forces, potential life on other planets, unanswered questions. It’s most definitely a topic we love to learn about here.

Space Science for Kids

First up is a special instalment of Science Fun at Home. Science Fun at Home is our brilliant collaboration with PSTT. There are now 18 downloads available each with 2 activities and suggested extension tasks too!

Download Science Fun for World Space Week here and don’t forget to let us know on social media if you try any of the activities.

Science fun at Home

We created a FREE downloadable booklet of space science resources for British Science Week last year so do take a look at that too.

FREE space science experiments for kids - full instructions for 5 easy space experiments for kids #spacescience #spacescienceforkids

Space Science Books

I also have a space science book available! This Is Rocket Science explores the principles behind space flight explaining difficult concepts in easy to understand terms using fun and easy experiments and investigations.

Each project is designed to show how mechanical science and astrophysics work from the inside out, but without being overwhelming. Using everyday items like bottles, cardboard, glue and tape, you can build awesome rocket ships, launch pads and solar systems to learn more about scientific concepts like Newton’s Laws of Motion, speed, gravity and air resistance.

Image of This Is Rocket Science book - space science book for kids

More Space Science Experiments for Kids

How does a spacecraft dock with the ISS?

Gain a little insight into how hard it is to control a space craft docking with the ISS in this tricky activity.

How is the Universe expanding?

Balloon model of the universe expanding - making science easy for kids

Did you know the Universe is constantly expanding? Our balloon model demonstrates visually how this works!

Easy Rocket Experiments for Kids

Baking Soda Powered Rocket

I think the baking soda rocket is my favourite rocket we’ve made. It shoots up very quickly so make sure you stand back!

Rocket Mouse

Find out how to make a rocket mouse. This activity is a great intro into the concept of forces and doesn’t have to be mouse themed!

Rocket Mouse - easy science for kids

Straw Rocket

How far can you shoot a straw rocket? Try changing the angle and force to form your investigation.

How to make a straw rocket - science for kids

Film Canister Rockets

Film canister rockets are fantastic fun and very explosive so don’t forget to stand back.

Film Canister rocket - space experiments for kids

Water Powered Bottle Rocket

Finally, one of our all time favourites, making a bottle rocket!

Water powered bottle rocket #spacescienceforkids
Bottle Rocket

Astronaut Experiments

Fix the astronauts glove

What would you use to fix an astronauts glove with a hole in it? Why would a hole in a glove be very bad in space?

How do planets orbit the sun?

Find out how planets and moons orbit each other by wearing a Sun, Moon or Earth hat and walking around each other.

Moon Experiments

Find out how craters form by dropping marbles into flour and hot chocolate powder.

Moon Image

Space science for little ones

How about a space themed sensory rice tray for little ones? You could add magnets and encourage children to find space junk that is attracted to the magnets.

Space themed rice tray

Gift of Curiosity also has an easy way to demonstrate how planets orbit the sun.

Space Scientists

Try this easy activity for learning about Heliocentrism and Copernicus.

I’ve also got some simple science demonstrations related to Galileo, Caroline Hershel and Issac Newton.

If you enjoyed these space science experiments don’t forget to check out our other easy science experiments for kids.

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Easy Space Experiments for kids #spacescience #spaceexperiments #scienceforkids #scienceexperimentsforkids

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