I’m really excited about this brilliant collection of science experiments for teens! My eldest son is 13, so I’ve tried to choose activities that I know he has enjoyed recently and some to challenge even older children as well!

If you have an older child with younger siblings one idea is to ask them to create an activity for the younger ones or even set up their own science lesson with a plan and resources.

Science projects using technology

Homemade Phone Speaker

This homemade iPhone speaker has been a huge hit in our house. We’ve tried using different types of cups and changing the length of the cardboard tube to see how that changes the sound. It’s a great science investigation and practical too!

everything you need to make a DIY phone speaker

Makey Makey Projects

I bought a MakeyMakey several years ago and the children have all enjoyed creating simple projects for it.

Our latest one was a homemade operation game, it was much easier than I thought to put together and has been used over and over again!

giant operation game

Electricity Projects

Babble Dabble Do has some fantastic salty circuits! We haven’t tried these yet, but they are on my list.

Make your own torch with a Pringles tube. The purple one in the photo is a head torch made by my daughter who wanted to make something slightly unusual.

We’ve also got some spooky light up houses with switches made from a paperclip and paper! These are great for Halloween, but could also be turned into beach huts or a Santa’s grotto.

Our scribble bots are brilliant fun, but do need a few supplies, such as a motor, battery and wires.

How to make a scribble bot

Space Projects

Our bottle rocket is always popular and can be easily extended by designing and building a launch pad, decorating it, adding extra weight or even a toy passenger.

How to make a Bottle Rocket
Image taken from This IS Rocket Science

This baking soda rocket is easy enough for teens to make, but do take care as it shoots up very quickly.

I love the look of Childhodo101’s stomp rocket too!

Chemistry Projects for Teens

Removing the shell from an egg is always fun! Once the shell is gone the naked egg is just perfect for learning about osmosis!

egg with no shell

Blow up a balloon with lemon juice, or yeast and warm water.

Blow up a balloon with yeast

Make a density column. This can be very simple ( just oil and water ) or more complicated with lots of layers. The trick is to gently pour each new layer down the side of the container.

Coke and Mento explosions are always fantastic fun! Definitely do this one outdoors though!

Fun Science Tricks

Pushing a skewer through a balloon without it popping never fails to impress people!

This inertia experiment is very easy to set up and looks impressive too!

These toothpick stars from The STEM Laboratory are brilliant as well!

Human Body Experiments for Teens

Investigate the effect of exercise on heart rate with and easy investigation where you measure pulse rate before and after exercise.

This pumping heart model is a great way to learn how the heart works.

Kitchen Science Experiments for teens

Making slushy drinks with ice and salt is great fun.

A red cabbage indicator is a brilliant home chemistry experiment.

red cabbage indicator

Honeycomb is delicious and easy to make too. Kids can add their own twist by adding chocolate or sprinkles to the top!

Honeycomb full of bubbles for an easy kitchen science experiment for kids

Plant Experiments for teens

Make a delicious edible model of a plant cell.

edible plant cell model

Make plain white flowers colourful using the power of transpiration.

colour changing flowers

This pasta plant cell model is amazing too!

Kitchen Science Experiments

Organise a Science Bake Off and discover chemistry in the kitchen!

Science in the kitchen - have a bake off!

Sugar crystals are great fun to grow and perfect for learning about concentrations and saturated solutions.

Finally, if you’re looking for something super simple, try one of our science experiments using only paper.

You might also like one of my science books! Snackable Science is full of edible experiments, This IS Rocket Science is great for learning about space and the forces involved in space travel and Reach for the Stars is a new science story book with activities at the end of each chapter.

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