If you’re looking for easy activities to keep the kids busy at home, these free STEM Challenge Cards might be just what you need.

They all use very simple materials that you probably already have around the house and are perfect for those days where you want to chill out at home while keeping the kids happily entertained at the same time.

Click the image to download 12 easy science and STEM challenges.

STEM Challenge cards for kids

STEM Challenge Cards

Painting on ice – this is great fun and keeps my kids busy for hours, especially on a warm day outside.

Dissect a flower – younger children can look at petals and stems, while older children can look for stamens, anthers etc.

Build a raftbuild a raft with craft sticks and corks. Does it float?

Static electricity – use a balloon to make small tissue paper shapes jump up or your hair stand on end.

Sugar cube structures – build structures with sugar cubes, these also work well for an absorbing activity.

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Fizzy potion baking soda and vinegar potions are always a winner.

Play dough models – create a model of a body part with play dough.

Treasure mapsmake paper look old with tea and coffee, then design a treasure hunt for a friend.

Bubble wands – make shaped bubble wands and discover what happens to the bubble if the wand is a square or triangle.

Bean in a jar – watch a bean grow in a jar. Grow it in the dark for an extra challenge.

Don’t forget to tag us on social media if you try any ( @sciencesparks ). We’d love to see your creations!

Huge thanks to Mrs Mactivity for creating the challenge cards for us.

FREE STEM Challenge cards - 12 easy STEM activities for kids. #STEM #Sciencechallenges #STEMChallenges #scienceforkids

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