I’m very excited to share the brand new Science Sparks Advent Calendar which is full of easy Christmas Science experiment ideas! All you need to do is download the pdf  ( click on the image ) then click on a bauble which will take you straight to the activity for the day.

Science Sparks Advent Calendar - #ChristmasScience #Sciemceforkids

Science Advent Calendar

Day 1 – Frosty the Snowman

Find out how to use the power of ice and salt to make a Frosty the snowman!

ice and salt

Day 2- Fizzy Elf Lab

Make a fun, fizzy elf lab and learn about acids, bases and chemical reactions!

Elf Lab - Christmas STEM

Day 3 – Make a Bell for an Elf

Design and build a new bell for your elf!

ELF STEM Challenge

Day 4 – Snowman Catapult

Make a snowman catapult and bounce a ball or pom pom into a tower of cups!

Snowman catapult

Day 5 – Reindeer Lava Lamp

Learn about acids, bases and chemical reactions with these fun, fizzy Christmas lava lamps!

Reindeer lava lamp - Christmas Science

Day 6 – Festive Optical Illusions

Make some exciting Christmas optical illusions!!

Christmas optical illusions

Day 7 – Science with Gingerbread Men

Find out what happens to gingerbread men if you submerge them in different liquids.

Day 8 – Dissolving Candy Canes

Find out whether candy canes dissolve faster in cold or warm water in this exciting experiment.

Day 9 – Peppermint Creams

These delicious peppermint creams will make everyone’s day and are a great example of science in the kitchen.

Peppermint Creams

Day 10 – Sparkly Christmas Stars

Learn abut melting with these sparkly Christmas stars.

Day 11 – Raft for the Reindeer

Design and build a raft for Santa’s reindeer. Can you test it out too?

Raft for the reindeer

Day 12 – Shelf for the Elf

Finally, can you build a shelf for an Elf? Or try one of my other Elf STEM Challenges!

If these aren’t quite what you’re looking for I also have Santa STEM Challenges, even more Christmas science experiments and ideas for homemade science kits too!

Celebrate the run to to Christmas with our Science Advent Calendar! #Scienceforkids #christmasscience

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