We’ve had a lot of fun today making Halloween versions of our optical illusion. What do you think of our pumpkin? Just roll the pencil or straw between your hands to see the face appear in the pumpkin.

The best thing about this activity is that you be as creative as you like. Make a hat appear on a witch, a face appear on a ghost or even a bat hang from a tree!

Halloween Optical illusion Craft using two pieces of card and a straw. Fun Halloween Craft and Science Project for Kids

What you need for an optical illusion craft

  • white cardboard
  • pencils and colouring pens
  • scissors
  • glue/sellotape
  • straw

How to make a simple optical illusion

  • Cut out two shapes from a sheet of white cardboard.
  • Draw whatever you want, if you don’t fancy a pumpkin how about a haunted mansion on one piece and a ghost on the other? Half of the illusion should be on one piece of card and the other half on the other side.
  • Glue or sellotape a pencil in between the two pictures.
  • Hold the pencil between your palms and rub your hands to make the picture spin around.
  • You should find the face appears on the pumpkin.
Easy Halloween optical illusion craft

If you design your own version we’d love to see it.

Download a free experiment instruction sheet by clicking the image below.

Halloween optical illusion experiment printable sheet

If you want to learn more about optical illusions check our Optics4kids. It will blow your mind!

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Easy pumpkin optical illusion. Make a face appear on a pumpkin with this easy trick and spooky science experiment for Halloween #Halloween #Halloweenscienceprojects #HalloweenCrafts #opticalillusions

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