As I burned the midnight oil reading about how positive affirmations work and how almost all successful people use them, in almost an epiphany I realized how affirmations are more important for our children.

We treat children with authority and almost like ‘little living beings’ who must listen to us all the time. For you and I assume that we know better. We demand their respect but may not always be respectful to them. And we know very, very little about gentle parenting.

Positive Affirmations for Kids

It is a kind of a superiority complex that we carry around with children. Of course, we are older and know much more (not necessarily better) about life. But that does not make our children any inferior to us. Just like standing next to a celebrity does not make us ordinary!

Parents are meant to be nurturers, guides, mentors, teachers among many other things but never a tyrant. But what do you and me really behave like when a child spills milk another time? In most cases, we won’t be proud of our behavior.

Positive Affirmations for Kids

The point I am trying to make is that you and me do not treat children as fairly as we should be. Even when you are careful, during the course of the day, you end up undermining the confidence of your child. Be it verbally or symbolically.

Whatever way you choose, your child gets only one message ‘ I am not good enough’. Think about it, how many times a day you say ‘No, you can’t do it’ to your child? Or rush to give an unnecessary hand while your child is trying to clean up, thinking he would not be able to do it properly?

Research suggests every ‘No’ should be countered back with 5 positive statements. All these acts would do nothing but suppress your child’s self-confidence. While some actions could be carefully avoided, there are many others that would still pull your child down unknowingly.

Positive Affirmations for Kids

It is for these known and unknown actions of yours that your child needs positive affirmations. Discipline is such a thin rope to walk on that you are bound to make some errors. It is humanly impossible not to make these parenting mistakes.

Even if you assume that you are perfect and doing nothing wrong to harm your child’s confidence and self-respect, you cannot control the outside world. Teasing, bullying, name-calling are some common instance of negative experiences that your child may face everyday.

In no way should these events hamper your child’s self-belief. They should only make your child smarter and stronger. And that can happen only when they get to hear good things about themselves from their favorite people in the world – you!

Positive Affirmations for Kids

That’s where these positive affirmations can help you and your child, and give kids the confidence to face life on their own. They can rid your child’s heart and mind of the pain and help them flourish.

What are Positive Affirmations? 

Positive affirmations are words spoken to encourage and lift oneself up. They are like positive self pep-talk to counter negative emotions and self-belittling thoughts.

Positive Affirmations for Kids

The reason affirmations work is pure science. It lies in the Universal Truth that you find what you seek. This truth has been laid bare in numerous self-help books. Besides that, your brain is a creature of habit. Much like how neural connections get stronger with repetition, affirmations rewire your brain to believe what you say to yourself.

Positive Affirmations for Kids 

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  1. I am a good person.

  2. I can do what I work hard for.

  3. My parents love me.

  4. I am God’s blessed child.

  5. I am learning every day.

  6. My mistakes help me improve.

  7. I am capable.

  8. I am kind.

  9. Today is going to be a Great Day.

  10.  I am happy and content.

  11.  My family adores me.

  12.  My friends like me a lot.

  13.  I can do better.

  14.  I will try harder.

  15.  My teachers love me.

  16.  I am enough.

  17.  It is OK to make mistakes.

  18.  It is alright to fail.

  19.  I am strong.

  20.  God is helping me.

  21.  I am grateful to everyone.

  22.  I can control my mind and emotions.

  23.  I matter to my family.

  24.  I choose to smile.

  25.  I will keep trying.

  26.  I have faith in myself.

  27.  I am safe.

  28.  God is with me.

  29.  I am accepted.

  30.  My parents love me the way I am.

While it is the best if children use positive affirmations themselves, it is not always easy to teach your little ones to do it. A good starting point is you saying it for them.

Make affirmations a part of your child’s routine to cleanse their soul of all the negativity. Though it is good to reinforce affirmations through a routine, you need not make a specific time slot for them.

Positive Affirmations for Kids

Steal moments from the daily routines like bath to repeat them to your child. Say them aloud lovingly to your child as they brush their teeth. Whisper them into your child’s ear as you wish them good night. Choose whatever routine you both feel connected. Just say them…

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