Set Summer Fun rolling with our Pom-Pom Ball Shooter STEM Engineering Challenge. Make a Pom-Pom ball shooter with recycled materials and set up the challenge with your kids and friends – Who will shoot the ball higher? 

Simple physics coupled with easy engineering, this DIY Pom-Pom ball shooter is perfect for cool summer evenings. A hands-on challenge, it would take your kids little adult supervision and not more than 15 minutes to make.

Click Here for Instructions

Once your pom-pom ball shooter is ready, you are all set for the game. Make teams or compete individually. You can challenge the opponent to shoot the ball highest or farthest.

Let your kids figure it out themselves how to aim for a better height and longest distance. Does it have to do something with the way they hold the shooter? Maybe!

Keep them guessing. Let your kids experiment with different positions and find out which one works for better height and longest distance. A perfect DIY for hands-on STEM education, this one is a must try!

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