I’ve been posting summer science ideas for years, but this summer I have something a little special. Welcome to my Pick and Mix Summer Science Camp!

The idea is to print off the front cover, then the experiments you want to try and BINGO you have your very own, personalised summer science camp!

If you don’t fancy any of the activities below, have a browse of my other printable science experiment instructions and hopefully you’ll find something you like!

slushy drinks made with ice and salt. #kitchenscience #slushydrinks
racing liquids experiment
Skittles Experiment - summer camp
Fun science project for older children. Make a DIY speaker with plastic cups and a long cardboard tube. #scienceproject #techproject
Fairy Potions
red cabbage indicator summer camp

I’ve got lots more printable science experiments to add very soon, so do keep popping back.

I love to see your creations so please tag me social media or leave a comment below.

Pick and Mix summer science camp. Choose your activities, print them off...start camp! #sciencecamp #scienceforkids #summerscience #experimentprintables #scienceprintables

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