OjO Movie Director Math STEM Board Game for Kids – Make Movies While Learning Math, Numeracy and Problem Solving. (Age 5 6 Years and up).

Price: $13.00

Color: Black
Model: SC-100
Warranty: Warranted against manufacturing defects.
Brand: OjO


  • 🎬 WHY CHOOSE THIS STEAM GAME: Movie Director is the perfect combination of learning and fun! Practice mathematics words problems whilst directing mini-movies! Many children struggle with mathematics (from low motivation to ability) so by combining maths with movies OjO makes learning a fun & easy experience to boost your children’s confidence in the subject.
  • 🎬 WHAT’S IN THE BOX: Open the box and you’ll find the game board, question cards, counters (of props for your movies), a sand timer to add a small time pressure, an answer & instruction booklet if you need help with any questions & awards tokens for your movies (correct sums!). There are varying difficulty levels to keep kids learning, but they can be repeated and tested many times too!
  • 🎬 WHAT AGE IS THIS FOR? This game is perfect for ages 5 and up depending on their confidence in mathematics. It has been tested with school groups & small families, so it also works well in a group setting with different age ranges & abilities.
  • 🎬 WHAT THEY WILL LEARN: Solving mathematical problems in real life won’t necessarily come in the form of sum; they will probably be presented as word problems. This game develops not only numeracy skills, but early literacy, reading comprehension AND memory skills.
  • 🎬 WHY STEAM: Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts and Maths are so much more than ‘topics’… they present a way of working! OjO STEM games are a starting point for children to explore plenty of different STEM topics but ALSO build the skills needed to excel in later life.

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