Monaco is the world’s second smallest country, but one of the richest! Monaco is located on the French Rivera and is well known for it’s wealthy inhabitants and the annual Monaco Grand Prix!

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Supercharged Balloon Powered Car

To celebrate the Monaco Grand Prix you can make a balloon powered car! We made this one a bit extra special, but if you’d rather try a more basic balloon car I have instructions for that too.

The key to making a successful balloon powered car is keeping it light. This plastic bottle version is heavier than a cardboard car, which is why we need the extra balloons.

You’ll need

A clean, empty bottle

4 plastic lids/thick cardboard circles or other wheels

3 balloons


2 skewers

3 Elastic bands

3 Straws

How to make a balloon powered car

Carefully attach each skewer to one plastic lid ( or other wheel material ) to make a wheel and axle.

Ask an adult to help you make four holes in the plastic bottle for the axle to fit through.

Push the axle through the holes and attach the second wheel.

Check the wheels turn freely.

Use the elastic bands to attach one balloon to the end of each straw. Take care not to squeeze the end of the straws with the elastic bands.

Check you can inflate each balloon by blowing down the straw.

Use tape to attach to straws to the bottle.

Blow up the balloons, place the car on the floor and watch it go!

If the car doesn’t work, try making it lighter if possible. I had to make the axles smaller to reduce the weight of my car.

How does a balloon powered car work?

This balloon powered car is a great example of Newton’s Third Law of Motion.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

Air is forced out of the end of the balloon, which means there must be an equal and opposite reaction pushing the car forward!

Image of a balloon car made with a plastic bottle and balloons

Facts about Monaco

You can walk across the country is less than an hour!

The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the oldest car races in the world.

The entire country is only 2 sq km!!

Find out more about Monaco.

Image of a race car at the Monaco Grand Prix as a science activity for learning about Monaco.

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