We’ve had a Makey Makey for years now and never really moved beyond the banana piano ( which is very cool) so I thought lockdown would be a great time to try something a little more adventurous.

Our giant Operation game was great fun and a brilliant second project to try.

Makey Makey Operation Game

Homemade operation game – what you’ll need:

A Makey Makey


Card and paper

Thin cardboard box

Kitchen Foil


Small items to use as bones

Operation Game Instructions

Draw your character on one side of the cardboard box.

Carefully cut holes in 3-4 places.

Cover around the hole on both sides and lay a path down to the bottom of the box using aluminium foil as below. This needs to be done on the opposite side to the drawing.

Makey Makey Operation game

Attach a separate crocodile clip connected to a wire to the end of each path of foil.

Makey Makey operation game - homemade

Decorate one side of the box and attach the other end of the wires to the Makey Makey board.

The earth wire should be connected to the tweezers.

We used the piano Makey Makey app, but for an extra challenge you could try this scratch operation game.

Test your game!

Operation Makey Makey game

Giant Operation Game

Our mini game was so much fun we decided to go large!

We used an A1 sheet of card to make this giant version and raised it above the ground to play the game. Instead of tweezers we used giant BBQ tongues and dinosaur bones for the bones!

giant operation game
Operation Game
giant operation game
Giant operation game with a Makey Makey

I’d love to see your Makey Makey projects if you try any!

Giant Makey Makey Operation game - make a huge operation game with a Makey Makey! #MaekyMakeyProjects #techprojects #scienceprojects

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