2020 was definitely the year for bring very aware of how germs travel and spread between people. Luckily our bodies have lots of ways to protect us from potential pathogens.

This activity is taken from my latest book Gross Science and illustrates the role snot plays in our immune system.

Gross Science

Make a Snot Trap

Snot is actually a bit of a superhero when it comes to helping protect the inside of the body from harmful pathogens. Sticky snot sits in the nose helping to filter air, trapping smoke, dirt, dust and pathogens which might make people poorly before they reach the lungs.

On a less gross note, snot also warms and moisturises the air we breathe, making it much more pleasant for the lungs.

Remember snot is usually clear unless you’re fighting an infection. The green colour comes from dead viruses and white blood cells. Urghh!!

½ cup corn-starch ( cornflour )


1 teaspoon green food colouring

Cinnamon or pepper


Wooden spoon

Snot trap - from Gross Science

How to make a snot trap

Pour the corn starch into the bowl and slowly add water mixing all the time until you have a thick liquid.

Put your hands in the bowl and squeeze the messy liquid, it should turn hard in your hands, a bit like hard snot!

Let the liquid run through your fingers to create runny snot!

Sprinkle a little cinnamon or pepper onto the surface of the snot. It will stick to the snot. Imagine the cinnamon is dust or a pathogen that you don’t want getting into your lungs. The Snot has trapped it and stopped it reaching the inside of your body.

Snot trap - find out how snot helps save us from pathogens with this easy activity.

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