Emma and Gil sit down with Chris Rowlands of Funko Games to discuss the design of IP-based games, and what it’s like to design as part of a group collective.


0m00s: Playtest safely online with Gil and Emma! 4m11s: Mox Boarding House is one of the premier board game stores in Seattle. (Here’s hoping they can stick around until everything is able to reopen!) 12m21s: The Frosthaven Kickstarter project. 16m45s: Personal plug: Abandon All Artichokes is Emma’s newest game. 19m47s: Power Grid is the #36th ranked game on BGG. (Rankings are not absolute, objective measures of quality, of course, but still. It’s a big game.) 24m01s: Beth Hawley was responsible for the amazing art in Chris’ game Under My Bed. 27m18s: Disney Villainous, in which each player is a Disney villain with unique special powers, is one of their more well-known titles. 29m05s: The party game Yeah Nope. 30m52s: Funkoverse, the tactical minis game using modified Funko figurines. 32m33s: All of “Prospero Hall’s” credited games on BGG. 34m04s: The games Horrified and Jaws. 38m17s: Prospero Hall’s website.  43m28s: The “tracer” scene from Kevin Smith’s Chasing Amy.  (Explicit language warning) 50m31s: Personal plug: Avowel is currently available on Android, and coming to iOS soon! 54m10s: The game Jurassic Park: Danger. 1h02m35s: Paper Girls and Manifest Destiny  1h03m26s: Sea of Thieves  1h03m48s: Infocom’s original help guide entry to the horrible and notorious Babel Fish puzzle in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy video game, written by Douglas Adams himself, is an absolute wonder to read. Keep clicking “Next Answer.” Favorite quote on step 19 of the hint: “At this point, brave men have been known to break down and cry.”  1h05m11s: Building the Game, a podcast on game design. 1h06m34s: Some articles about wrestling’s current audience-less format.  1h12m04s: Our episode on ludonarrative dissonance was Ludology 192 – Diabolus in Ludica. 1h14m04s: Back to the Future: Back in Time and Last Defense!

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