Professor Scott Rogers joins Gil and Emma once again! This time, we’re discussing Scott’s time as an Imagineer designing games and experiences for Disneyland, and his subsequent work designing VR attractions. It’s a fascinating topic, with a surprising amount of overlap into any kind of game design! 

Show notes:

05m45s: More info about Disney Play here. 

08m06s: Scott is right, sportscaster Al Michaels was indeed traded for Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

18m16s: Ludology 189 – Missing Selinker, wherein Mike Selinker shares a funny story testing Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom: 

30m20s: The Design of Everyday Things, by Donald Norman. Highly recommended to anyone who wants a better understanding of how people interact with objects. 

40m53s: The history of how Tetris has chosen its pieces is really fascinating! 

41m29s: Some more information about Legends of Frontierland: Gold Rush.

46m09s: We discussed dark rides and the challenge of choice in an immersive environment Ludology 214 – Escape from Reality with Strange Bird Immersive. 

52m34s: Two-Bit Circus, the place in LA where you can experience the Terminator-themed dark ride that Scott worked on. 

1h02m46s: Geoff interviewed Curtis Hickman, CCO of The Void, in GameTek 134

1h05m51s: More info about Dreamscape.

1h06m37s: More info about Evermore.

1h10m58s: We discussed emergent vs. embedded narrative in Ludology 213 – Your Humble Narrator.

1h11m24s: Look, it was a long recording session, okay? 🙂

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