Kitki Three Sticks Creative Fun Math Board Game STEM Toy Gift for Boys & Girls

Price: $50.00

Color: Multi-colored
Model: Three Sticks_Base
Warranty: No Warranty
Brand: Kitki


  • AWARD WINNING STEM game based on geometry that also develops Creativity, Logical Thinking & Curiosity.
  • CREATIVITY – Can you make a shape using only 2 sticks? What if you add your 2 sticks to those placed on the board by other players? Think creatively & earn points for the shapes you make.
  • SEVERAL POSSIBILITIES – A new game every time you play! From a simple triangle to even a decagon – play & learn about all.
  • EASY TO LEARN & fun to play for the whole family. Scrabble-like game for shapes. For 2 – 4 players.
  • FUN FOR ALL AGES – Play with your children, grand kids & students. Entertaining for all ages above 8 years!

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