Christmas is over, but I’m not quite ready to face the normality of life just yet, so we’ve been collecting our favourite Kids Activities for New Year!

Easy kids activities for New Year

How about starting off with these fun edible sparklers from Red Ted Art, they are a great, fun way to learn about melting and changes of state and delicious too. How could you speed up the hardening of the chocolate again?

These colourful, fun firework pictures are easy enough for even very young children to try. Experiment with different colours and types of pens ( can you find a pen whose colour doesn’t spread? ) to see which gives the best firework effect.

filter paper fireworks

We love this pop up firework craft from My Little Three and Me and these homemade party poppers

This Wishing Tree from No time for Flash Cards is a great way to plan for the year ahead with children.

Did you know you can simulate a firework effect in a glass using just oil, water and food colouring?

Image of a firework in a glass

Make a pop up card to wish friends a Happy New Year and learn about levers and pop up mechanisms at the same time.

We had great fun making fireworks with milk and food colouring whilst learning about emulsions.

Try making a firework scratch art picture, these are super easy to make and look so effective.

We really love these 3D Paper Snowflakes also from Red Ted Art. They would make a gorgeous decoration if you’re having a party.

Science crackers are a fun way to keep the kids busy as you see in the New Year.

This firework painting activity from Learning4Kids looks awesome too!

Finally, I LOVE the idea of a New Year time capsule like this one from The Imagination Tree.

Finally, see in the New Year with a bang with these film canister rockets – but don’t forget to stand well back!

film canister rocket

Chinese New Year Crafts

Red Ted Art has a fantastic Dragon Printable that is perfect for making shadow puppets and lots of other crafts.

Have a great New Year Everyone!!

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