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Make a jelly scab - great for a Halloween science experiment - fake scab

Why do you get a scab?

As soon as you cut your skin, platelets jump to the rescue. They stick together around the damaged area to form a clot. Clots are thick and sticky, made up of blood cells and fibrin. The clot becomes what we call a scab which stops nasty micro-organisms and toxins from taking advantage of the opening in your skin which is normally a barrier from harmful things in the environment.

It might feel quite satisfying to pick a scab, but underneath there’s a lot going on with dead bacteria, live bacteria, white blood cells and maybe even a bit of pus. Yuck! Picking that scab doesn’t sound so appealing now does it?

Yellow pus is a sign of infection and should be investigated. It’s also really important to leave scabs in place as under the scab new skin cells are being made and damaged vessels repaired.

If you can manage not to pick a scab ( as tempting as it is ) they eventually fall off, revealing shiny new skin underneath.

Scabs usually start off a red colour which becomes darker as the scab dries and thickens and then become lighter as the skin heals.

You’ll need

Different red shades of jelly/jello

Yellow jelly/jello

Crushed Weetabix or other cereal

Parchment paper


A scab free arm or leg

Jelly scab

How to make jelly scabs

Make the jelly/jello up according to the instructions and leave to cool until it’s just starting to set.

Lay the parchment paper out on a flat surface and use the spoon to gently drop different coloured jello in a scab shape onto it.

If you want a nice crusty scab ( they’re the best to pick after all ) sprinkle a little of the crushed Weetabix on the top.

Place in the fridge to set.

Once the scab is hard, gently peel it off the parchment paper and place onto your arm/leg or anywhere else you want to look scabby.

Scab made from jelly

Remember if you have a real scab always keep the damaged area of skin clean and dry to reduce the chances of infection.

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