Books have the ability to transform and inspire, and more so for children. Young minds are impressionable and that is why it is so essential to read to them. Children become what they read! With the current focus on STEM and rise in STEM related careers, it becomes almost imperative to include STEM Books for Kids to the repertoire. 

STEM Books for kids do not just talk about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. They go much much beyond! They are critical in building the right aptitude for kids. These books lay the foundation for a Growth Mindset, perseverance, hard-work, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills, and above all believing in oneself.

With so much to offer, it is hard to give STEM Books for Kids a miss. Here are few titles for kids that are sure to get your children inspired.

STEM Books for Kids

1. Ada Twist, Scientist

This is a lovely tale about a girl, Ada Twist, and her experiments with science. Ada is curious, wants to know a million things and is not afraid of failure. Just what real scientist are like! It is must to spark curiosity and build a great mindset.

STEM books for kids

2. Six Dots

A Story of Young Louis Braille: An inspiring story of Louis Braille and how sheer determination can overpower any physical disability. This book proves the might of mind over body and motivates children to look beyond their flaws & conquer the greatest fears.

Six Dots STEM Book for Kids3. Math Curse

A comical tale of a little girl who has been cursed by math and now, everything seems to be a math problem. Everywhere she looks, there is a problem! Desperate to break the curse, she finally find the perfect solution.STEM books for kids

4. Inventions That Could Have Changed the World…But Didn’t!

One thing that arguably distinguishes STEM pedagogy is its emphasis on trying and learning from mistakes. And this book is just about that! It talks about people who tried and not those who succeeded. Highly recommended!

STEM books for kids

5. Rachel Carson and Her Book That Changed the World

Biography of Rachel Carson – the great environmentalist and scientist, this book takes its readers on the journey of event that shaped Rachel Carson’s work. It is an inspiring tale of this brave woman and her conservation efforts. Much relevant for the upcoming generation!KidPillar STEM Journals6. Math-terpieces

This book is real gem and transforms STEM to STEAM by adding the element of arts. Math is all around us and not just in figures. All we need is a keen eye! We bet once your kids have read this book, they’ll discover math everywhere.

STEM books for kids

7. The Boy who Harnessed the Wind

This is an awe-inspiring book, which is now also a Netflix Original film. The story reaffirms that necessity is the mother of invention. It revolves around the grit of a boy who is determined to save his village from drought.

STEM book for kids

8. The Most Magnificent Thing

A great read to teach children how to handle failures and yet persevere. When instant gratification is becoming the thing, this book teaches what it takes to overcome frustration from failures and keep trying.

STEM Books for kids

9. Whoosh!

Whoosh is a story about problem solving, dedication and invention. The world we live in is a better place because of these traits.

STEM books for kids

10. The Dumpster Diver

This is a great book to teach your children how to solve real world problems and conserve their environment. It is a story of a boy who dives to collect the ocean dump and not the treasures. But what can he do with dump? Read it to find out!

11. What Do You Do With An Idea?

Certainly one of the best STEM books for Kids, this one will appeal to children of all ages. Like the title says, it talks about what you can or should do with an idea. STEM Books for kids

12. Have Fun, Molly Lou Melon

Spark imagination and creativity in your child with this book. Short of toys, the protagonist of the story makes her own playthings only to realise that imagination is all you need to have fun.

STEM books for kids

13. So You Want To Be An Inventor?

This title is sure to awaken the inventor inside your child. It will inspire your child to follow the footsteps of some of the greatest inventors in the history and discover her strengths.STEM books for kids

14. The Girl Who Thought in Pictures – The Story of Dr. Temple Grandin

A heart warming and inspiring story of Dr. Temple Grandin and her exceptional work, this book will teach your kids to respect differently-abled children and not to think any less of them.

STEM books for kids

15. Ada Byron Lovelace & the Thinking Machine

This is a wonderful story of Ada Lovelace – the woman who imagined the first computer. It is a perfect read to show the power of imagination and creativity to your kids.

STEM books for kids

These STEM books for Kids are meaningful reads which will ignite curiosity and love for STEM fields in your children. Helping kids see the relevance of these elements and how they influence their daily life, these titles will take the fear and anxiety away form STEM and cultivate respect for the subjects. Thus, building genuine interest in STEM fields. 

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