Independence day is the day to instill patriotism and a sense of pride in our children. You certainly do not wish your children to take this day as just another holiday.

As a parent, you can do a lot to help your children cherish this special day. Helping them to be better citizen and inculcating a sense of duty towards their country is a good start. After all, we have inherited this freedom from the sacrifice of countless freedom fighters and men from the defense forces who continue to lay down their lives for our glorious nation.

But before you start with community and patriotic Independence Day activities for kids, it is a good idea to do some fun activities, which will help your children learn and have a great time.

Science Independence Day Activities

1. Tri-color Density Tower

density tower experiment

This is a magical experiment where children get to stack liquids. Yes! You read it right…Liquids! The trick is using liquids of varying density.

What you will need:

  • 4 Glasses
  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Syringe/Pipette
  • Orange and Green Food colouring

Step 1: Pour water in three glasses.

Step 2: Add green and orange food colouring to two different glasses.

Step 3: Add 6 tbs of sugar in green coloured water and stir to dissolve it.

Step 4: Add 4tbs of sugar in colourless water glass and stir.

Step 5: Pour green sugar solution in an empty glass. Fill the glass one-third with the green solution.

Step 6: Using pipette/syringe, carefully add colourless sugar solution above the green solution. You can avoid mixing the two solutions by pouring colourless solution along the side of the glass slowly. This will not disturb the green solution below. Add the colourless solution till the glass is two-third full.

Step 7: Finally layer the orange  solution over the colourless liquid by following the directions as in step6. Layer it till the glass is full. Your tri-coloured density tower is ready.

2. Magic Colours

Delve into the science of colours the fun way! Make Indian flag on a plain sheet of paper and ask your little one to colour it using only Primary colours – red, yellow and blue. Let your child figure out how to make orange and green using primary colours.

Independence day activities

To get the desired tri-colours, simply mix the primary colours to get the perfect orange and green for the flag. Red and Yellow mix to make orange while blue and yellow mix to make green.

3. Independence Day Magic Milk

Magic milk experiment for kids

Magic milk experiment is always fun with kids. Your kids will adore this Independence Day activity. What you need is:

  • A deep dish
  • Milk
  • Orange, Green food colouring
  • Dish soap
  • Earbud

Step 1: Pour milk in the dish.

Step 2: Add orange food colouring at one end of the dish so as to cover one-third of the dish.

Step 3: Add green food colouring at opposite end of the dish so as to cover one-third of the dish. This will create tri-colour combination in milk.

Step 4: Dip the earbud in dish soap and touch it on the coloured milk to see the magic!

4. Magically Appearing Flag

How cool would it be to summon a magically appearing flag! This is a hands-on science Independence Day activity that will amaze your kids and get them to think.

Based on the principle of Optical illusion, this is fun, easy activity for kids. You will need:

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Felt tip pens
  • Glue
  • Yarn
  • Single Hole Punch

Step 1: Cut two circles, roughly 6cm in diameter, from the plain paper.

Step 2: Colour one circle to resemble Indian flag, leaving Ashoka Chakra.

thaumatrope for kids

Step3: On the second circle, draw Ashoka Chakra in the middle.

thaumatrope for kids

Step 4: Paste the circle back-to-back using glue.

Step 5: Punch hole on opposite ends on the pasted circles.

Step 6: String yarn through each hole.

Now, start twirling with both the hands to see the Ashoka Chakra magically appear on the tri-colour band.

5. Tri-Colour on My Plate

This is a sweet Independence day activity for kids which you must try. It is a great way to teach children how sugar dissolves in water and so does colour pigment on various candies, which children so lovingly devour.

You will need:

  • A plate
  • A pack of Gems candy
  • Warm Water

Step 1: Line up the plate with orange gems candies on one side and green candies on the opposite side.

Independence day activities for kids

Step 2: Place a few blue gems candies in the center for Ashoka Chakra.

Step 3: Gently pour warm water on the plate so as not to disturb the arrangement and see Indian flag forming on your plate.

Independence day activities for kids

Warm water dissolves the colour pigment layer on the top of the candies. This colour then interacts with warm water on the plate to make it coloured.

6. Fireworks in a Jar

Fireworks in a jar experiment for kids

Independence day is just the perfect excuse to burst some firecrackers; only this time we will burst them in a jar. Sounds exciting, right? Here is what you need:

  • A jar
  • Water
  • Oil
  • Orange, Green and Blue Food colouring

Step 1: Fill two-third of the jar with water

Step 2: Slowly, pour oil over the water to fill the remaining jar

Fireworks in a jar experiment for kids

Step 3: Add food colouring to the jar to see the colourful fireworks appear.

Food colouring does not dissolve in oil. Being heavier than oil, it percolates through oil making its way into water. On its way down, it mixes with water to create spectacular trail of colour resembling fireworks in the sky.

Fireworks in a jar experiment for kids

While the above Independence day activities are certain to make 15th August special and fun for your kids, it is also essential to imbibe patriotic values in them.

Meaningful Patriotic Independence Day Activities

Independence day1. Plant a Tree

If each one of us pledges to plant a tree, our city would be much greener. So help your child plant a tree every Independence day to start a campaign against pollution and better air. Your children will be forever grateful for this initiative.

2. Say No to Plastic

Just the way we owe our freedom to our ancestors, we owe our Planet to our children. Plastic pollution is an epidemic that is killing the marine life and wrecking our ecosystem. So, say No to Plastic for your child’s better future.

3. Clean Up Neighbourhood

Be a part of Swatch Bharat Abiyan and clean your surroundings. It is a pity that how we keep our surroundings dirty and our homes clean. Cleaner surroundings not only look inviting but also keep seasonal diseases at bay.

4. Educate a Child

Nothing can be better than educating an under-privileged child. And there are so many ways you can do that. The simplest is buying for them a few tools, toys and books — the means for STEM-based learning. You can take tuitions, sponsor school fee or donate books if you can’t pledge to be involved actively. This would serve as a great moral lesson to your children and help them realize their duty to the society.

Independence day

5. Spread Awareness on Child Abuse

There is still a lot that needs to be done to prevent child abuse. When you employ as underage child for household chores, it contributes to that abuse. Similarly, buying products which involved child labor contributes to child abuse.

What is interesting here is the lack of awareness on our part as users of the final products. We seldom question the labor policies and look beyond the obvious. Once you and me start asking these questions, child labor will stop.

Independence day6. Save Water and Stop Dirtying Rivers

Recently, Cape Town ran out of water. And if we continue with our current consumption, our children will have to bear the brunt. Use water judiciously. Ditch the shower and use bucket instead.

You might be surprised to know that our Holy river Ganga is the most polluted river in the world. Make a vow not to throw rubbish into rivers and other water bodies.

7. Undertake Community Service

This is one activity that will not only benefit the society but also give your child immeasurable experience. We have been engaging in this activity for many years. What I learned is that when parents participate in community services, children learn to be kinder and empathetic.

So, take your children to visit a community of your choice and help them feel the impact of their little actions. Introduce them to community helpers and what they do.

8. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Make these three Rs a mantra in your household. This is one goal that is for the greater good of the entire planet and humanity.

Independence day

9.  Choose your pets wisely

Of late I saw some chicks dyed in rainbow colors. On enquiring, I learned people were selling them as pets to children. It really made me sad that how as humans we are ill-treating life. Educate you children not to be charmed by such pets. These are real, live creatures. Stop getting birds, chicks as pets. Rather, adopt rescued pups and kittens.

We must ingrain the love for our country in our children.  Let’s us join hands to make our nation great again. Jai Hind!

Besides engaging in the above Independence day activities, we highly recommend that you read about freedom struggle with your kids. Reading about the freedom struggle is one way to help them appreciate and value the freedom our ancestors have laid their lives for. Don’t wait for the curriculum to give your children a brief of India’s glorious past.

Independence Day Books for Kids

1. A Children’s History of India by Subhadra Sen Gupta

Love this book for its simplicity and illustrations. It manages to keep young readers interested without boring them with too much information.

kids books on India

2. A Flag A Song and A Pinch of Salt, Freedom Fighters of India by Subhadra Sen Gupta

Nothing breeds more respect and appreciation for the freedom than learning about the great sacrifices our freedom fighters books on India

3. We the Children of India by Leila Seth

The author is a former Chief Justice and gets down to children’s level to explain them about our constitution. Must read.

kids books on India

4. Saffron White and Green by Subhadra Sen Gupta

This book takes children through the great, heroic Indian Freedom Struggle.

children's book on india

5. Amazing India: State by State Guide by Anita Vachharajani

Give your child a taste of Indian diversity with this lovely book. It takes you on a cultural ride across different states.

children's book on India

Another great way to instil patriotism is through music. Sing these tunes with your child and praise your country.

Independence Day Songs for Kids

1. Jhanda Uncha Rahe Humara

This is classical song turned into a rhyme for little children.

2. Sare Jahan Se Acha

A great patriotic song. Never fails to instil pride, this is a beautiful song.

3. Mere Desh ke Dharti

Praise your soil and its wonders with this song

4. Aao Bachchon Tumhe Dekhaye

Take your children on joy ride and unravel India with this patriotic song.

5. Vande Matram

No list of patriotic songs is complete without this song.

After all the Independence day activities, reading and singing, engage your child in an Independence Day quiz. It can be played as a fun game and would be a great way to enhance your child’s knowledge of her/his nation.


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