It is funny how technology invented to bring our world closer has pushed our families apart. Welcome to the world of screens! Mobile technology penetration along with smart phones has come to govern our lives so much that now we have a term ‘Digital Detox’.

With each family member spending more time on their phones and gadgets, dinner conversations have become a thing of the past. Snapchat and Instagram have replaced family bonding.

Children do not know how to keep themselves entertained without their gadgets. Parents, on the other hand, are missing out on their loved one’s childhood.

Why Your Family May Need a Digital Detox?

  • You and your children watch television while eating.
  • You compulsively reach out for your phone every 15 minutes.
  • You check your texts while with friends and family.
  • Your children have their own gadgets.
  • You can intimate your child with ‘No Wifi’ threat.
  • You spend time on your devise before going to bed, everyday!
  • You spend less time talking to your spouse and children than the time you spend on your phone.
  • You have a disturbed sleep pattern.
  • You take your smartphone everywhere you go…even to the loo!
  • You feel lost without your gadgets.
  • You love your children and family more than your gadgets.

In an era obsessed with Instagram and Facebook likes, it is imperative to remember to strike a right balance. Screen use should be limited and controlled.

Steps to a Digital Detox with Family

  • Set a time for casual browsing on your smartphone.
  • Make it a rule to keep phones away from the dinner table.
  • Switch off your phone before hitting snooze.
  • When going out with family, only one or two members should carry phones for emergency.
  • Don’t carry phones in your pocket at home. Leave them in the living area.
  • Switch off from the digital world on weekends.
  • Invest in paper books not electronic books.
  • Turn off push notifications to resist the temptation of checking your phone frequently.
  • Instead on texting, make that call and talk.
  • Never ‘log in’ the moment you wake up. Spend time with yourself, rather than your phone.
  • Buy a real alarm clock.
  • Be mindful of the apps you download. The ones which send regular notifications throughout the day, should be avoided.
  • Set time for work and mails on smartphone.
  • Invest in good music away from online stores.
  • Purchase a real camera to capture memories.
  • Turn off WiFi post dinner.

Digital Detox is not as difficult as it may appear. Some people contest that their work demands them to be online. That said, limits need to be put in place and we must remember that the world still functioned when there was no WiFi.It is all about setting priorities.

digital detox

Families which limits on their gadgets and their use, report significant health benefits. These include both physical and mental gains. You sleep better. Your muscles are less strained. More family time and connection.

A total win-win for the entire family!


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