GoldieBlox Light-Up Unicorn Pillow, for Kids 8+, Educational DIY STEM Activity, Sewing Project for Beginners

Price: $24.99

Color: Green
Model: 59001

Brand: GoldieBlox


  • LIGHT UP UNICORN PILLOW: Make your own color-changing, glowing unicorn pillow with this DIY kit! Not only is it soft and cuddly, but its also a chance for kids to sew their own bedroom decorations! This arts & crafts project is the perfect gift for the kid that wants a fun new DIY activity!
  • TEACHES KIDS ABOUT SCIENCE: Building the DIY Glowing Unicorn Pillow teaches kids about how a circuit functions and the power of LED lights, while also encouraging problem solving, developing product design skills and spurring creativity.
  • WHATS INCLUDED: The DIY Light Up Unicorn Pillow kit has all the essentials for your child to unleash their creativity! This kit includes, pre-cut fleece pieces, polyester stuffing, sewing kit, color-changing LED lights, stickers, sequins and more! Each project also includes easy-to-follow instructions, fun fact learning cards and a cool reusable storage box. Batteries not included.
  • PROMOTE CREATIVITY: Each kit provides additional projects using common household items to add sparkle and fun to truly customize your childs creation. Dont forget to help them name their new favorite toy!
  • FUN AND EDUCATIONAL HOLIDAY GIFT IDEA: These kits make great gifts for kids 8+ and are hours of fun. The projects encourage curiosity and learning to help kids develop skills to succeed as the designers and engineers of tomorrow.

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