In “Undercover”, together everyone will try to identify the undercover agent in the group. Everyone discusses who they suspect and vote out the undercover agent. If they fail to identify the undercover agent in voting, they can oust a genuine team member and the Undercover agent can also oust another team member. The game continues till the undercover agent is oust or everyone else is ousted from the team, making the undercover agent the winner. If you can convince the team to vote out the undercover agent soon, you all get the point.

It is a fun game to be played with family or friends and polishes your influencing skills.


1. Use a different device for video conferencing

2. If you are a “gamer”, you are advised to keep the game page on

3. If “Admin” changes to a different game, everyone will auto move

4. Click “Refresh” to keep your game status updated


Team Building
Problem Solving
Emotional Intelligence
Critical Thinking
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