Welcome to Guess in 21 game page, this game is played with a video/audio conference. We have kept the interface designed in a way that only player profile could help manage the interface.

Players are chosen to pick the word that everyone will guess, as everyone ask any questions that has Yes/No as answer, the player click Another Question Answered button! The gamers have to guess the correct word before they run out of 21 questions. Player would be able to pick the winner!

Platform gives everyone an opportunity to be a player. Hope you like the game! Thank you so so much for playing!

– #Team #WePals

How to Play?

1. Use different device for video conferencing

2. If you are a “gamer”, you are advised to keep the game page on

3. If “Admin” changes to different game, everyone will auto move

4. Click “Refresh” to keep your game status updated

Team Building
Problem Solving
Emotional Intelligence
Critical Thinking
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