In “Guess in 21”, the computer assigns a word to Player 1, and together everyone will ask 21 progressive Yes/No questions to rule out categories and come closer to guessing the actual word. Player 1 will answer each question as Yes or No and tally the number of questions on the app. An example of a yes/no question could be – Is this a product typically available in the house? The person who guesses the word will get the point. And, the game continues as the computer provides the word to the next player.

This game is ideal for a small group of 2-6 people and tests your memory and analytical/ creative skills to get to the right answer.


1. Use different device for video conferencing

2. If you are a “gamer”, you are advised to keep the game page on

3. If “Admin” changes to different game, everyone will auto move

4. Click “Refresh” to keep your game status updated


Team Building
Problem Solving
Emotional Intelligence
Critical Thinking
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