In “Draw in 60”, all players have to guess the word/ phrase that one player draws on a piece of paper. The drawer has to show the piece of paper on their screens. The player who draws can select the winner (right guesser). Both, the player with the correct guess and the player who drew gets a point. If no one is able to guess what the word is, then no one gets a point. And, the game selects the next player to draw a new word.

It is a fun game for all ages and, can be played for as long as the group wants. The game is best played with a group of 2-6 people virtually through video conference and phone.


1. Use different device for video conferencing

2. If you are a “gamer”, you are advised to keep the game page on

3. If “Admin” changes to different game, everyone will auto move

4. Click “Refresh” to keep your game status updated


Team Building
Problem Solving
Emotional Intelligence
Critical Thinking
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