In Act 2, one player enacts a word (provided by computer) for all players to guess. The player can select a winner if someone guesses right. Both, the player with the correct answer and the active player gets a point. If no one is able to guess what the word is, then no one gets a point. And, the game selects the next player to enact a new word.

It is a fun game for all ages and, can be played for as long as the group wants. The game is best played with a group of 2-6 people virtually through video conference and phone.


1. Use a different device for video conferencing

2. If you are a “gamer”, you are advised to keep the game page on

3. If “Admin” changes to a different game, everyone will auto move

4. Click “Refresh” to keep your game status updated


Team Building
Problem Solving
Emotional Intelligence
Critical Thinking
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