Rebus puzzles are a form of a creative brain-teasers, which give visual clues to a puzzle. To solve a rebus puzzle, you need to understand and decipher the pictures to arrive at the correct answers. Such a fun way to exercise your brain!

rebus puzzles for kids

These puzzles are particularly good for visual learners and children are great at visual clues. That’s what makes them a BIG hit with children. Rebus puzzles can represent name, thing, animal or a phrase. They a great way to improve kids’ literacy while working on their problem solving skills.

rebus puzzles for kids

Besides providing wholesome entertainment, Rebus Puzzles have numerous brain benefits as well.

Benefits of Rebus Puzzles

1. Reasoning Skills

Like any puzzle, Rebus requires kids to decode the pictures and follow the instructions to make a new word. Thus, building their logical and reasoning skills.rebus puzzles for kids


2. Vocabulary

To solve a rebus, children need to identify pictures and name them. They need to identify pictures with different words. This helps them recall words they already know and even learn new words, ultimately enhancing their vocabulary.rebus puzzles for kids


3. Spellings

These picture puzzles are great ways to teach and learn new spellings. When children combine the clues and land with a new word, they can relate to the spellings better and retain them longer.rebus puzzles for kids

4. Woking Memory

Rebus Puzzles are great working memory boosters. They require your child to recall words from their existent memory and add new words to their memory bank.rebus puzzles for kids

5. Family Fun

Rebus Puzzles for kids are not only fun for kids but also for the entire family. They boost bonding while having fun, learning new words and building critical reasoning skills.

rebus puzzles for kids


rebus puzzles for kids

rebus puzzles for kidsrebus puzzles for kids

Love the above Rebus puzzles? Here is a link to download more  FREE* Rebus Puzzles for Kids. This pack will certainly get your kids thinking.

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