Is there anything more fun than an explosive science experiment? This collection of explosive, fizzy and sometimes messy science activities are sure to appeal to even the most reluctant little scientist and the kids who love science already will REALLY love these!

The most well known explosive experiment is probably the infamous coke and mentos eruption! This science experiment is a must-try for everyone and always leads to shrieks of joy as the geyser of coke shoots into the air.

Coke and mento geyser

This exploding watermelon looks amazing, but do take care as it seems to explode with a bang!

Film canister rockets are always fun, but also fly up very quickly so stand back straight away.

Film Canister rocket - explosive science for kids

Another fun explosive science experiment to try with kids is making elephant’s toothpaste. This is a big reaction that will surprise you and your audience. We wouldn’t recommend going for the elephant toothpaste world record though.

To kick up fun a notch, instead of a single colour elephant toothpaste, you can make rainbow toothpaste explosions! Talk about an amazing visual effect!

If you are short on materials, you can set up an explosive science experiment with a single water bottle with the aim to make the bottle cap pop out from the bottle.

Experiment with water balloons or balloons filled with paint and create different patterns. Watching the splatter patterns change depending where you drop them from is great fun and a fab science investigation for kids.

Splatter patterns

Erupting soap is yet another classic and well known explosive science experiment to add to the list! This is also one of those rare experiments with a single ingredient – ivory soap!

Similar to erupting soap, exploding peep geysers need a microwave. We love a little twist with ghost peeps and it would make this experiment perfect to try out around Halloween. If you don’t have peeps where you are, a normal marshmallow will work just as well.

A simple tweak can turn an ordinary erupting volcano experiment into a fun multicoloured volcano! Let kids make their own volcano from scratch to extend the activity further.

multicoloured volcano

Another spin on a classic volcano science experiment is an ice volcano. Perfect to bring outside on a hot summer day!

Let us know if you have any ideas for explosive experiments we can try!

Don’t forget we’ve got 100s more fun, exciting and FREE science experiments for kids for you to try too, so if you don’t fancy any of these do take a look around and hopefully one of our other experiments will be what you’re looking for.

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