If you look at your fingers you’ll see lots of lines, arches and loops. Did you know your fingerprint is unique to you!! Even more unique than your DNA.

If you look at the palms of your hands and your fingers you’ll notice the skin is a bit different to that of your arm. Hand and finger skin is known as friction ridge skin which is also found on the soles of the feet. Friction ridge skin is thicker than skin on other areas of the body and doesn’t have any hair!

Fingerprint Facts

Fingerprints are formed in the womb! As children grow they get bigger, but the pattern stays the same!

Fingerprints don’t change with age, but can become harder to capture as older skin becomes less elastic and the ridges become thicker.

Fingerprints are actually hard to lose. Skin damaged by washing too much, cuts or even acid regrows the with the same fingerprint as before the damage. You can’t escape your fingerprint!

The pattern of your fingerprint is not determind by your genes so twins do not have the same prints!

Fingerprinting is a form of biometrics. Biometrics use a person’s physical characteristics to identify them.

Fingerprint Investigation

An easy way to take a look at your own fingerprint is to use a balloon.

You’ll need

Ink pad


A volunteer

Deflated balloon  and ink pad ready for a fingerprint experiment

How to make a fingerprint balloon

Carefully press one finger into the ink pad and then press down onto the balloon.

Inflate the balloon slowly checking the image as the balloon expands.

If it starts to go a bit blurry let some air out.

You should be able to see the lines, loops and whorls clearly.

Balloon with a large fingerprint image - part of a fingerprint science project #scienceforkids
Patterns found on fingerprints - loop, whorl, arch - part of a fun fingerprint investigation for kids
Patterns found on fingerprints

More detective science for kids

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Fingerprint Science Experiments

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