This post contains the Basic Fundamentals of Embedded and Robotics Summer Training and different kinds of Robots, Advantages of the Training and more..

Embedded Systems and Robotics is a meadow that covers all the sphere of technology, whether it is Computer Programming, Mechanical, Designing Techniques, Electronics or any other technical skills based on respective applications. Robots have impressive range of applications. As this field is leading to introduce a creative era of innovation around us, the basic goal of our team is to initiate the spark of technology to a higher extent. Projects focus on application and exploit of technology rather than their internal working so that a person can grab the concepts well. As an increasing number of companies are turned to robotics as a mean of increased production.

HCL announces a Summer Training Program in the most industry demanding domains with vast experience. Summer is suitable time top up skill yourself in the areas of Robotics & Embedded Systems. The training program offers by HCL covers most of the aspects of Engineering in Robotics. The main topics covered in this program are mentioned below:

The training program focuses on the concept of Robotics Development and Embedded system. At the end of the training, you will be able to do programming Interface by using Embedded C.

Who Can Join This Course?

Types of Robots are Legged Robots, Manual Robots, Robotic Arm, Procedure of Building Robots, and Mobile Robots. Summer Training illustrates the implementation of technological knowledge. HCL Offers complete spectrum of IT Training courses. We are also offers 6 Months/6Weeks Industrial Training Program in all streams including CS/IT/B.Tech and Management. Robotics classes cover the main components of Industrial Robots, Common application for Robots, and axis movement.

Through Robots Summer Training program, you are able to resolve their doubts in real-time environment that perfectly opens a window to the professional world. HCL offer professional and globally certified courses under one roof.

Robotics technology program prepares students to work with Electrical, Mechanical, and Programming Systems. With this training programFeature Articles, Students can learn how to program robotic systems using programming.