Following on from our festive Santa STEM challenges we’ve now got some fun Elf on the Shelf Ideas for you, all with a Christmas STEM twist.

These would be great set up with a challenge card left next to the materials needed to complete it.

DOWNLOAD the ELF STEM Challenge Cards

ELF STEM Challenges for kids - free printable STEM

Elf STEM Challenges

Decorate the Tree

A lolly stick catapult would work nicely for this, or a ladder made from paper or straws. If you make the ladder try to think how to test how strong it is.

Save the Present

Design and build a parachute to drop a present down to Santa from the sleigh.

Save the Elf on the Shelf

The elf would like to slide down the zip wire very quickly, so think about the best type of string or rope to use. Remember there’s less friction if you use a smooth string.

What type of harness will you build for your elf? Would a candy cane work?

Can you time how long it takes the elf to reach the bottom? Do you think the time will change if you make the elf heavier?

ELF zip line

How much does the Elf weigh?

If you don’t have scales or a balance can you build a coat hanger balance?


Party time!

Think about what you could use to make bowling pins, plastic bottles might be a good idea. Do you need to add some sand or water to make them more stable? What kind of ball would work the best?

Save the Presents – ELF STEM Challenges

Elf STEM Challenge - wet weather

Think about the type of material you need to use? How could you test how waterproof it is?

Try wrapping paper, kitchen foil, paper towels and anything else suitable you have to hand.

elf science

Help the Elf Reach the Shelf

Which materials would work well for this? You could try candy canes, pipe cleaners or maybe some velcro?

hook for an elf

This cheeky elf is refilling an advent calendar using his hook.

Lost the Jingle Bells

An easy way to make a noise maker is to put small items into a cup or tin can and cover with a balloon with the end chopped off.

What type of item do you think will make a good jingly noise? Which is better a cup or can?

Can you think of any more Elf STEM Challenges for us?

More Christmas Science for Kids

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