I can’t quite believe it’s time for British Science Week again already. It seems like two minutes since we were planning our space themed experiments last year. If like me, time has run away from you and you need some easy ideas for British Science Week, we’ve got some suggestions that might help. I also have a new science book with lots of fun edible science experiments for kids!

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The theme for British Science Week 2020 is ‘our diverse planet‘. We’ve got some easy ecology investigation ideas that would fit this theme quite nicely.

Ecology Experiments for Kids

Make a model of a polar habitat, this is a great way to learn about how animals adapt to their surroundings.

Another easy investigation for younger children is to model melting polar ice caps.

A homemade wormery is fun to make and a good way to make observations over time.

This mini ecosystem from Stir the Wonder is lovely too.

We made this visual model of sea pollution a few years ago and a clean up oil spill investigation is always fun to carry out and thought provoking too.

Melting Polar Ice Caps activity - easy investigation idea for British Science Week

Space Science Investigation Ideas for British Science Week

This post comes with a full instruction book and printable challenge cards for lots of space themed investigation ideas for kids. The paper spinners are especially easy and inexpensive. You could even turn them into a whole school challenge, perhaps who can make the slowest falling spinner?

collection of easy space science experiments for kids #spacescienceexperiments

Set Up a Slime Lab

Another easy idea for British Science Week is to make different slimes and spend time exploring the textures. We even designed a test to investigate which slime gave the best splat!

Different edible slimes for kids - cornflour slime, fybrogel slime and more slimes for kids

Make a square bubble

Try some bubble science! You could set up a make your own bubble wand station or investigate how to make a square bubble?

Bubble making station - bubble science for kids

Or how about finding out how to make giant bubbles? We made our own mixture and used a hula hoop as a wand.

Hula hoop as a giant bubble wand

Edible Igneous Rocks

Make some edible igneous rocks with Rainy Day Mum.

Edible Igneous rocks

Investigate How Craters Form

Discover how craters form with this easy crater investigation using flour and marbles.

Try a Traditional Science Experiment

Investigate density and chemical reactions with a lava lamp, make a coke and mento geyser or make and test red cabbage indicator.

lava lamp for kids

Make it a STEM Challenge

Build and test a bridge, design and test a zip wire for an egg or try one of our many other science experiments and STEM Challenges for kids.

Zip wire for an egg - STEM Challenge

What are you doing for British Science Week? We’d love you to share your ideas with us.

Fun and easy experiments for British Science Week. Awesome experiments and science investigations for kids of all ages #BritishScienceWeek #Scienceforkids #ScienecExperiments

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