If you’re looking for easy creative ideas to keep the kids busy over Easter you’re in the right place. These Easter STEM projects to do with kids are simple, use equipment you probably already have and most importantly are great fun!

Easter Egg Chain Reaction

We spent hours setting up different egg chain reactions last year. These are great as you can just use whatever you have around the house. Line up books like dominoes, roll balls into cars, cars down a ramp or even roll eggs. You can make it as simple or as complex as you like.

One year we made a huge outdoor chain reaction that involved rolling a giant ball down a slide.

Easter egg chain reactions

Egg Conveyer Belt

Construct a conveyer belt for eggs. I used cardboard eggs, but you could try and make it strong enough to transport mini eggs!

The conveyer belt is just paper wrapped around dowel. The paper is attached at each end with tape, and wound around one end.

Egg Zip Line

This is one of my most popular Easter STEM Challenges! Build an outdoor mini zip line for a small chocolate egg. You could also build this on a bigger scale and use a large egg.

Instructions for an egg zip line STEM challenge

Parachute for an Egg

Build a parachute for an egg using paper, cloth or even an old plastic bag. If you don’t want to build a parachute try wrapping the egg in different materials to protect it from a fall.

instructions for an egg parachute experiment

Another idea is to find a large tube and drop eggs wrapped in different materials down it to see if they break!

Opening Chick Egg

Use a pneumatics system to make a cardboard egg open up to reveal a chick!

opening chick egg - pneumatics project

This principle would work for lots of different themes. Dinosaurs are next on our list!

Crash Test Eggs

Build a vehicle to protect an egg in a collision! This could be made o K’nex, LEGO or even recycled materials

Crash Test eggs

More Easter STEM Projects

Did you know you can grow carrots from carrot tops?

These Easter egg pom pom poppers from Teach Beside Me look great!

Make a robo hand to pick up Easter eggs!

Make a boat for Peeps like Schooling a Monkey!

Collection of easy Easter STEM projects to do with kids. A car to protect an egg in a collision, an egg that opens to reveal a chick, a parachute for an egg and a homemade mini conveyer belt

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