Teach your children about symmetry using our Easter egg symmetry Activity. A free printable is included to get you started. The eggs are blank on both halves, so parents can add a design, appropriate for their skill level, for children to copy. Another option is to have a family art challenge. Let each person design 1/2 of an egg and then have another family member duplicate, for Egg Symmetry.

Easter Egg Symmetry Art Project printable

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Select the Easter Egg Symmetry PDF and print as many copies as you like for your personal use. This is a great way to entertain kids in restaurants or in the car. Use markers or crayons to decorate.

Symmetry appears throughout nature and is pleasing to the eye. For hundreds of years, artists have utilized symmetry in their works. Here is a great article on symmetry in art.

Looking for some crafts and activities to do with Plastic Easter Eggs?

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