Following on from our Rube Goldberg machines last year, we’ve been busy making simple chain reactions today.

Chain reactions for kids can be as easy or as complex as you want. We’ve had balls bouncing down the stairs into book dominoes and even skateboards down slides. The best thing about a chain reaction is you can use whatever you have around the house. Try attaching a ball to string to act like a pendulum or dominoes to push toy cars into a ball or even bursting a balloon. The possibilities are endless!

Chain Reactions for Kids

This look lots of attempts to get right and a few additions of masking tape, to hold various pieces in place.

Step 1 – Balloon Powered Car

Chain reactions for kids - fun egg chain reaction for Easter #scienceforkids #sciencesparks

Step 2 – Dominoes

The balloon powered car crashes into dominoes.

chain reactions for kids - fun Easter chain reaction

Step 3 – Down a pipe

The dominoes push the creme egg down a pipe into a boat!

See it in action below.

We’d love to see yours. Tag us @sciencesparks on social media if you have a go!

More Chain Reactions for Kids

This craft stick chain reaction is one of the most fun ( and frustrating ) activities we’ve ever done!

We also love these train chain reactions from Teach Beside Me.

More Science for Kids

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Or try one of our fun Easter STEM Challenges including toothpick towers, dropping an egg down an egg chute and magnet powered egg cars.

Egg chain reactions for kids  - Easter STEM Challenge for kids #scienceforkids #STEMforkids #STEMChallenge

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