I focussed a lot on Early Years Science last year. Mostly because my youngest daughter was Reception age and I had the opportunity to try out ideas with her class. I have finally managed to put together a complete downloadable eBook detailing every early years science activity we did. Each and every activity has been tested and enjoyed by Reception age children and all use only inexpensive items generally already found in a classroom or around the home. Do let me know if you find our early years resources useful.

FREE Early Years Resources - Science eBook. Science for Early Years

You can download the book by clicking on the image below. The activities and experiment ideas are not limited to Early Years (EYFS) but can be extended for older children as well.

If you’re running a particular theme in your classroom this term and would like some ideas or have an idea to suggest for me to add to our early years resources do send me an e-mail or a tweet. I’m always searching for new ideas and inspiration.

More Early Years Resources

I also have lots of Early Years Science ideas in this post, covering Pirates, Under the Sea, Healthy Living, Fairy Tales and more.

If you’re on a strict budget, try these Early Years on a budget activities.

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More Science For Kids

If Early Years science isn’t quite your thing we’ve got lots more science experiments and activities to try. Check out our science fair project ideas and did you know we have a couple of science books available too?

Early Years Resources - Science Sparks - Early Years Science ebook. FREE science resource #scienceforkids #Freescienceresources

Science for Early Years eBook – click HERE to download

I also have a FREE Christmas Science eBook.

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