As a simple art project that produces unique results, Doodle Art will have a different meaning for everyone. It is a form of art that allows for unfocused, mindless squiggles often creating abstract designs. It can also be repetitive shapes or congruent coinciding designs.

To help the creative juices flow, I’ve put together a page of squares, 3 with dots for repetitive designs and 3 for free-form artwork. Children can draw random lines or geometric shapes in random placement.

Doodle Art printable

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Generally doodle art is not confined to a specific space, but for this project, children can practice on a doodling structure that works for them. There are of course no instructions other than to create art with a free-form attitude.

Benefits of Doodling

Studies have shown that doodling can actually help a person focus on a current situation by keeping the mind from completely drifting off to other thoughts. More from Wikipedia on Doodling.

Another benefit of doodling is to relieve stress. Similar to fidgeting and pacing which are repetitive and rhythmic motions.

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For this Activity, You will need:

  1. The printable PDF for Creative Patterns
  2. White printer paper
  3. Pencils, color pencils or markers

I hope you enjoyed this free art project for kids. For more ideas and Activities for Kids, be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

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